Lahore bombing toll rises to 31 -

Lahore bombing toll rises to 31

Pakistan begins a three-day mourning period


The death toll in Pakistan after bomb attacks at a Shia Muslim procession has risen to 31, with at least 170 injured. A three-day period of mourning has begun in Pakistan in response to the three bombings. At least two of the attacks were suicide bombings, which the Pakistani Taliban says it carried out to avenge the killing of a Sunni leader last year. Lahore has been at the centre of sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shias, but the floods that ravaged Pakistan led to a lull in fighting. “This is the holy month. No-one can dare think of carrying out such things,” Lahore resident Mohammad Ammar said. “We strongly condemn it. At least one should think that it kills innocent people, innocent children. It should never happen.”

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Lahore bombing toll rises to 31

  1. Ignorance and Poverty should never be an excuse for violent tendencies. What a chaotic society! What will their young learn from this? Pakistan will be caught in a never ending violent cycle. Very soon, they will run out of jihadists!

  2. It is a very sad situation. When I talk to my room mates (all 5 from Pakistan) they tell me that this is the reality of their lives back home, and there is no clear way out of this mess for them. They are hated all over the world for the aggressive actions of a misguided few, and that same few are killing their own people at home too. And it breaks my heart to see them worrying about their families every single day. We share a common birthplace and language, effectively their are still my countrymen!! The kicker is that inspite of all this violence, they still support the aggression against the west!!! I just don't understand how they can keep these two diametrically opposed views in the same mind at the same time!!