Lance Armstrong really is guilty, so who gets the yellow jerseys? -

Lance Armstrong really is guilty, so who gets the yellow jerseys?

Second-place Tour de France winners are embroiled in their own doping scandals


With even more evidence coming forward to condemn cyclist Lance Armstrong in a doping scandal, including a damning confession from former Canadian teammate Michael Barry, there really is no more denying that the former king of cycling has fallen from grace.

It’s time to admit that the American hero cheated, writes ESPN columnist Bonnie D. Ford. “The word ‘alleged’ should now be dropped from any description of the way doping permeated and enabled Lance Armstrong’s cycling career,” she says.

With this new evidence, perhaps it’s time to finally redistribute those seven tainted yellow jerseys that Armstrong so proudly wore from 1999-2005.

Herein lies the problem. Take 2005 for example. In that last year, Armstrong stood atop the podium wearing that yellow jersey, Ivan Basso (team CSC) was second and Jan Ullrich (team T-mobile) was in third place.

So the medal should go to Basso, right? Basso admitted to doping and was handed a two-year ban from the sport in 2007. Third-place Ullrich has also been linked to a doping scandal, which is set to go before a Spanish court in January.

It’s pretty much the same story for runners-up every other year that Armstrong raced. Deadspin sums it up in a handy list and Bicycling
magazine has the second-place dopers in a photo gallery.

Meanwhile, Armstrong is remaining true to a message that has been pretty consistent over the last decade.

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Lance Armstrong really is guilty, so who gets the yellow jerseys?

  1. What really irks me about all this is while we were watching his 7 Tour victories, we already KNEW he was cheating but lobbed atomic bomb size praise over each of his wins. When we finally see what we ALREADY knew, we tar and feather him, then condemn him to the Sahara desert without food and water, as if no one knew anything, how sad.

  2. Not that I agree with cheating but everyone else does it and he was just better at it.. He did add some life to the Tour…

  3. I still say show me ONE SINGLE drug test that he actually failed. Oh wait. He didn’t fail any of them. This mob squad is ridiculous. If they found actual evidence of the 2nd & 3rd place finishers through those SAME TESTS that Lance had, don’t you think they would have found them with Lance’s as well? Hearsay =/= evidence.

    • Zanna – you’re absurd. Basso and Ullrich also didn’t test positive. Instead, the police found bags of their bloods (which were being stored for future re-injection). The reality is “beating” the tests is not hard. Take Marion Jones: oh how she cried that she never took drugs and she passed every test. Then, before her sentencing, she cried when she admitted her guilt.

      Zanna – if you must write something, please let it be intelligent. Or, continue on being duped by Lance. He’s a cheat. And you my dear, are a dummy.

  4. I am still in debate as to wether he really is guilty. However, many other professional sportsmen have used drugs and none of them have been completely stripped of their sport titles and then banned from sport.