Landslide devastates northern China -

Landslide devastates northern China

At least 127 dead, 2,000 missing


At least 127 people are dead and  2,000 more are missing after a landslide buried homes in a remote area of China’s Gansu Province. Rescue workers were left digging with their hands and shovels near the hardest-hit city of Zhouqu since heavier equipment can’t access the site. “Sludge has become the biggest hindrance to our operations,” said the head of Zhouqu county, who goes by a the single name Diemujiangteng. “It’s too thick to walk or drive through.” Some 2,400 soldiers, along with 1,000 firefighters have been marshalled to help with the rescue effort.

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Landslide devastates northern China

  1. The oil spills, hurricanes, floods, landslides, and the global heat wave (which have been the cause of many fires and deaths) have many searching for answers. The internet is buzzing with articles and excellent blogs. But could it be simply the biblical sequence of God's wrath being poured out upon the earth which is relevant to current events in today's world. What if we are dealing with the wrath of God? Please understand the wrath of God is letting man slip deeper and deeper into the consequences of his own sin. Please visit my website at . Rev. Daniel W. Blair author of the book Final Warning

    • this is hardly the end times Mr. Blair. but our global connectivity sometimes makes it look that way. how many villages towns and cities have been completely annihilated in the past with no one to mourn or remember them in the past few centuries cities have burned to the ground, been destroyed by tidal waves the size of the cn tower. hundreds of thousand massacred in battles. much of it unrecorded. the media just makes things seem like a such a big deal because we can now look at almost everything from every angle and perspective. i think its time we cooled our collective heads. or use this as an opportunity to hoc intellectual garbage to people too scared to think otherwise.

    • from the good Reverend's website

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      Rev. Blair, You may want to leave Texas and set up your ministry in Canada… Our PM would be grateful for the support on census reform.

    • Things are as they are. Looking out into it the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations. The fear of judgment is a convenient tool of persuasion to manipulate the fearful and weak minded. Citing current events as the wrath of god is medieval thinking at best. I hurt for the individuals affected by this tragedy, and for those using it to promote division through religious superstition. Peace.

  2. In response to Rev. D.W. ‘s comments, I found the following written by Pastor Philip Gulley.
    “Whenever I hear dreadful theology it's all I can do to correct it. We simply must train ourselves out of the mistaken destructive belief that everything happens because God wills it to happen and manipulates events and people and the natural order to bring it about… Billy Graham toured San Francisco and when asked by someone why God caused the earthquake said, “I don't think this earthquake was sent by God. God is loving and merciful. God gives grace and peace and strength… Let's not forget that. God doesn't call wrenching tragedy to befall people. Life does that. God inspires us to do something about it.