Last Beothuk buried under St. John's road? -

Last Beothuk buried under St. John’s road?

Sewer excavation reveals what may be the resting place of final member of extinct Newfoundland First Nation


The legend of Shawnadithit, the last member of the Beothuk Indians, is well known to Newfoundlanders. All of it, that is, except the location of the young woman’s remains. She died of tuberculosis in a naval hospital on June 6, 1829, and was thought to be buried in a cemetery also run by the Royal Navy (an early landmark erected at an Anglican church in St. John’s is thought to be wrong). Now, following an excavation to lay connectors to a new sewage plant in St. John’s, archaeologists think they’ve at long last located that old naval cemetery, and thus Shawnadithit’s grave. The bad news? She’s probably interred beneath Southside Road, a paved thoroughfare sandwiched between Highway 2 and the Waterford River. Even if found, her remains would not be complete: Shawnadithit’s head was sent to a physicians’ college in London, and was thought to have been lost during the Blitz of the Second World War.

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Last Beothuk buried under St. John’s road?

  1. theres an older gentleman who lives here and he told me he was one of the last of the beothuks…gawd who the hell is lying to me…this article or this religious cult member ….darn liars!

  2. no that is impossible like a hundred sites say Shawnadithit was the last beothuk he must be lying unless he is a verry distant beothuk

  3. Damn it, cant anyone see it, they even cut the head off the last beothuk, and then people try to cover up for the french paying the micmac to cut off beothuk's heads. This is truly the case, seeing how they even cut the head off of the last remaining beothuk. If they try to hide the fact, they are just blatently dumb and totally naive.They wiped out a whole indian population. Absolutely disgusting ..