Last night at Zaphod’s


It was one thing when the chucklehead in the red leather baseball cap took his shirt off and started twirling it like a lasso over his head, but when the girls around him did likewise you knew something special was going on…

Passion Pit played Ottawa last night.


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Last night at Zaphod’s

  1. I had tickets to see Passion Pit in Toronto in Feb but they rescheduled the concert at the last minute (moved back 2 months) and then subsequently cancelled it.

    They did finally play in Toronto and friends of mine went. They said it was "alright".

    It's only a matter of time before their falsettos ruin their voices and their careers will be over.

  2. What? No cell phone photos to accompany this blog post?

    • It was in his shirt pocket, and was unexpectedly launched when he started twirling it like a lasso over his head.

      • there you go chuckleheads.

        • Thanks!

  3. Two singers, abreast. It'll have to do for Maclean's blogs, I guess.

  4. Them's some Hoopy Froods who really know where their…shirts are?

    • Was the triple breasted whore of Eroticon 6 among the shirt twirlers?