Last U.S. combat troops leave Iraq -

Last U.S. combat troops leave Iraq

U.S. commanders announce overall American mission complete


American commanders announced that the overall American mission in Iraq is complete. The announcement comes 12 days earlier than expected. In September, the U.S. plans to begin “Operation New Dawn,” a strategy that will see a transfer of power from the United States to Iraq. Critics say that the pullout is premature and that Iraq’s dysfunctional government and ill-prepared army will be unable to assume control. 56,000 U.S. forces remain in Iraq, 6,000 more are scheduled to leave before September 1, and the rest will be phased out gradually between September and December 31, 2011.


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Last U.S. combat troops leave Iraq

  1. I saw this on Colbert last night. I'm surprised there wasn't more pomp, but I guess they aren't interested in making a big deal out of it. Interesting.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank those that are there, and those that will continue to be there, for their service. Guaranteed, most of the citizens in NATO nations, if not supportive of the cause, are grateful for your actions. Thank you.

  2. This just a propaganda ploy. They have just changed the name. Its just that its called “counter-terrorism operations” instead of combat now. The “last brigade” may have left yesterday, but six more brigades are still there, wondering when or even if it will be their turn to be the “last” to leave.