Lavigne gets six months behind bars -

Lavigne gets six months behind bars

Former senator plans to appeal prison sentence


Raymond Lavigne, the one-time Liberal senator convicted of fraud earlier this year, was sentenced to six months in jail and ordered to make a $10,000 donation to charity on Thursday. Lavigne will also serve six months under house arrest in connection to his conviction on a charge of breach of trust. The former senator’s lawyers have indicated they plan to appeal the sentence and Lavigne complained to the court that “I do not feel that I received a fair and balanced trial.”

The Globe and Mail

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Lavigne gets six months behind bars

  1. And his defence appears to be that he was a poor, little educated man with a rough upbringing.

    So now I’m double insulted by this a$$hole.  Its as if he’s saying that anyone who came from the ‘lower class’ just can’t help stealing, abusing positions of trust and generally saluting Canadians with one middle finger.  Because I’m not well offf, all I really have (almost) is my honesty and integrity.  I shall bank on that to get me through and value it VERY highly.  And you see it all the time–people with five dollars to their name giving two of them to charity or someone even worse off than themselves, finding money on the sidewalk and turning it in, etc.

    Lavigne’s character flaws are the result of Lavigne.  He doesn’t get to blame it on anyone or anything else. 

  2. Whew! When I first read the headline I thought “What in the world did Avril do? Maybe I should be keeping up with TMZ!” LOL!

    Sorry Raymond; no sympathy from this front.