Lawrence Cannon says goodbye -

Lawrence Cannon says goodbye

Minister says he wouldn’t change ‘one iota’ of failed campaign for Security Council seat


Outgoing Foreign Affairs minister Lawrence Cannon bid farewell to his post in Ottawa on Monday. He was defeated on the May 2nd election by an NDP candidate in his Western Quebec riding of Pontiac. Mr. Cannon entered the cabinet post with no international experience in 2008. In a speech at his department’s headquarters, he argued he would not have changed “one iota” in Canada’s failed campaign for a seat on the United Nations Security Council.  “The force of the instinct for democracy can sometimes surprise us, as has been the case in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Libya, and Syria – and I’m almost tempted to add, in Pontiac,” Mr. Cannon said. “But I don’t think anybody ever thought of me as Maniwaki Gadhafi.” Mr. Cannon was the longest-serving foreign minister since Lloyd Axworthy in the 1990s.

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Lawrence Cannon says goodbye

  1. Somehow this seems rather unfair. Cannon had to be overseas participating in decisions re the Libya conflict during campaigning.

  2. In years to come the good people of the Pontiac will shake their heads in wonderment at what they have done. Truly an orange fog has clouded their judgement.

    • You do realize we’re talking about Cannon, right? Lawrence Cannon?

    • A little history

      Lawrence Cannon was an absolute disgrace as a foreign affairs minister. Amoung the rays of sunshine from this election, his defeat
      was one of them.

  3. Cannon remains a good bet for a Conservative Prime Minister.