Lawsuit against Manitoba judge dropped -

Lawsuit against Manitoba judge dropped

But sex scandal will continue with lawsuits against judge’s husband


Alexander Chapman, the man who alleges he was pressured to have sex with Manitoba judgeLori Douglas has dropped his lawsuit against her. His lawyer, though, told court he’ll go forward with lawsuits against Douglas’s husband, Jack King, and the law firm where the two worked in 2003. Chapman has said that King approached him about having sex with Douglas and shared explicit photos of her. King, through his lawyer, has said he was suffering from depression during that period and that he was acting without his wife’s knowledge. Douglas was appointed to the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench in 2005 and has stepped down from judging duties.

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Lawsuit against Manitoba judge dropped

  1. We will never know the real truth in this, but I think the judge's ex- husband's behavior was incorrigible (funny how when people do bad things they like to claim depression). Chapman's behaviour was evil and opportunistic (take the $25,000 from the ex-husband in return for silence, then return it, consider spreading the photos and sue for more). But the judge was guilty of extremely 'poor judgment'. She is surely kicking herself now. Not much remains confidential any more.