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Updated: Lawyer wants Omar Khadr moved out of federal prison into provincial jail


EDMONTON – A lawyer representing former Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr wants his client moved out of a federal prison in Edmonton.

Dennis Edney has filed an application in court to have the 26-year-old transferred out of the maximum-security Edmonton Institution.

Edney said Tuesday that the Toronto-born Khadr was sentenced for crimes committed as a teenager and he should be in another facility, such as a provincial jail.

“Under the Transfer of Offenders Act, Omar Khadr should be treated as a youth, based upon the sentence he received — an eight year sentence — and not be lodged in a maximum security prison as an adult.

“Our government’s misconduct is a continuation of his ill treatment in Guantanamo.”

Khadr was held for a decade in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before he pleaded guilty to war crimes that included killing an American special forces soldier in Afghanistan when he was 15.

A U.S. military commission sentenced him to another eight years behind bars and he was transferred to Canada.

He first served as a maximum-security inmate in Millhaven penitentiary west of Kingston, Ont.

But when he was threatened there by a fellow inmate, he was put into isolation. A few months later, he was moved to Alberta.

Edney hopes his application for another transfer can be heard in court next month.

He said he has received a letter from federal justice officials steadfast in their position that Khadr is serving an adult sentence and should be in a federal prison.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney also issued a statement Tuesday.

“Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to very serious crimes, including the murder of American Army medic Sgt. Christopher Speer,” Blaney said. “The Government of Canada will vigorously defend against any attempted court action to lessen his punishment for these crimes.”

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Updated: Lawyer wants Omar Khadr moved out of federal prison into provincial jail

  1. No need to. Omar is right where he should be. And no need for the lawyer to send the bill to the government.

    In fact, give Omar two choices, stay in jail in Canada for life or be deported to Afghanistan to serve time for the other two soldiers he hasn’t been fried for. We could always try him for high treason unless the entire family agrees to leave Canada forever.

  2. There are the lefty “Leftards” who would have poor, misunderstood and damaged by nurture and Society-at-large Mr. Khadr coddled and cuddled. The righty “Rightards” would also have him coddled and cuddled, but as in eggs or fruit for the former and by Clifford Olson – The Beast of B.C. for the latter.
    I, instead, see him as the only true Canadian Patriot of the last 20 years. Cast your mind back to the events of April 17, 2002 – the Tarnak Farm – near Kandahar, Afghanistan. The not-so-friendly fire “Incident” resulted in twelve Canadian casualties, four of whom carked it. The “Welfare In Green” Gayers of 3PPCLI have only just now recovered – sort of. The perpetrators? The trigger-happy fucking Yankees, that’s who. And what did Canada and Canadians do? Nothing! No “eye for an eye”. No retribution, nothing!
    “Oh well, accidents can happen. We probably should not have been at that farm in the first place and we definitely shouldn’t have ‘looked’ so aggressive.”
    Omar Khadr, a mere child, took it upon himself to at least attempt to even the score. On July 27, 2002, in Ayub Kheyl, Afghanistan, the brave Omar Khadr, risked life and limb to wreak revenge on the hated Yankee – the Patriot “fragged” himself a Yankee devil.
    Good for him!
    It took grenades and several Uranium-tipped rounds from two Yankee Delta Force Gayers to take down this brave 15 year old boy. Now that is “above and beyond” if you ask me.
    A terrorist?
    A victim?
    A patriot!
    Through and through.

    USA 4 – 1 Canada

    Unless you include the Yankee-cides in the recent Algeria Gas Plant Attack, where it is believed some Canadians killed some Yankees, that is where the score stands now.


  3. I would sure like to know who is paying Edney. He has been on this bandwagon for years now.

    With a client like Khadr, he is a pariah.

  4. I am from vancouver and i wanted to say that Omar Khadr should have been freed when he arrived here from Guantanamo.The canadian gov. is racist and reactionary.Another example of this is that during the second world war Jews from Germany wasn’t allowed into canada.All decent people in canada should support Omar Khadr.What can you expect from a gov. that got an apartheid policy against the native people in canada.I supports Omar Khadr and condemns the canadian gov.

  5. These convictions are against the Geneva Convention, are too harsh and goes beyond what this man deserves; as a conservative I hate to say this but Harper government has lost its humanity on this issue