Layton and the belly dancer



NDP leader Jack Layton and his wife, Toronto MP Olivia Chow, held their annual 12-course Chinese banquet to bring in the year of the Ox (or Lunar New Year 4706). The fundraiser was held at Yiu Wah Restaurant in Toronto, where Chow and Layton were married. There was traditional Chinese entertainment and a belly dancer.




Later, in a special ceremony, Layton fed the lions a head of lettuce.


Olivia Chow.



The place was packed.


Guests included Adam Giambrone, Toronto city councilor and Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission.


Kim Elliott, publisher or rabble.ca, and Bob Gallagher, Principal Secretary to Jack Layton for the GTA.


Marilyn Churley, a former federal NDP Toronto candidate and past Ontario cabinet minister.


Layton’s son Michael.


Ms. Chow’s mother.


Ontario NDP leadership hopeful Peter Tabuns.



Layton and the belly dancer

  1. Layton looks quite dashing in traditional Chinese garb.

    • I have to agree. I want that top he’s wearing.

  2. There’s just so much here. I don’t know where to start. So I won’t.

    • You tantalise, Sir. You tantalise.

  3. What exactly does belly dancing have to do with Chinese culture?

    Anyone? Anyone?

    • I don’t know. Maybe cultural transfer through the Mongols when they were pillaging from Manchuria to Baghdad back in the day. But I’m surely gonna check out the private rooms at the Dragon Bowl the next time I go.

      • jack invited her.

        • Maybe , but I think just in case Warren Kinsella showed up.

        • she’s part of his personal stimulus package!

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