Layton announces NDP shadow cabinet -

Layton announces NDP shadow cabinet

Official Opposition pledges good behaviour


Jack Layton unveiled his 43-member shadow cabinet on Thursday with a promise that his team of 102 NDP MPs would refrain from the heckling and poor behaviour that has come to sully the tone in the House of Commons. Joe Comartin, Jack Harris and Paul Dewar will remain as the official critics of justice, defence and foreign affairs, respectively. Libby Davies has been moved to the health portfolio, previously the domain of Halifax MP Megan Leslie, who will move to environment. Peggy Nash will move to finance, while newcomer Jasbir Sandhu is now the public safety critic. Thomas Mulcair will remain as deputy leader.

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Layton announces NDP shadow cabinet

  1. I am waiting to see if the NDP’s leftist philosophy will be down-played in the federal parliament, in favour of appearing to be more to the centre in the political spectrum. I reckon they would be rocketed back to rump status at the next election if the public gets to witness their true nature.

    • Less than political leanings, I would like to see a sincere demonstration of the transparency in Canada that has been questioned internationally. Starting with the name of the purported ‘staffer’ that altered Brosseau’s C.V.

      Should we have both an opaque majority and opposition at the same time. No change? More of the same?