Layton goes Greek -

Layton goes Greek


Jack Layton was at Taste of the Danforth, the annual festival in Toronto’s Greektown area which is located in the NDP leader’s riding.


Layton goes Greek

  1. Mr. Layton is looking much better in these pictures and he keeps saying in interviews that he is feeling much better. Very good to see.

    • Still very thin but yes you are right, he's starting to look better. Hope it continues.

  2. "Going Greek" meant something different back when I was young.

    • Given that I am surprised you looked at the pictures… naughty you.

      • I was a little shocked to see the dogs in the first shot, but then later when the large cob of buttery corn made its appearance…

  3. I like the peacenik shirt, don't think I've ever seen one like it before.

  4. Judging from the polls, Layton had to make a switch from "Going Canadian". That pill is clearly hard for this nation to swallow.

  5. The Jack Layton bobblehead is incredible!

  6. Looks great, happy for him, to bad he's a commie.

  7. Layton cannot list a single achievement as a politician, he didn't do a thing for Toronto in all his years of riding around on a bicycle, he should retire.

  8. Don't tell me it's the first time…

  9. Layton and Iggy. Who cares? Where is the article on Harper’s summer? That’s what Canadians want to see and read.