Le Pen leads in new French poll

Buzz around far right leader suggests a repeat of 2002 election


A new French poll has the leader of the country’s largest far-right party, the Front National, leading her two rivals in the mainstream parties in the lead-up to the 2012 presidential election. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive for daily newspaper Le Parisien, shows Marine Le Pen (who took over from her father Jean-Marie in January) leading the race with 23 per cent support, while President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Socialist Party’s Martine Aubry are each at 21 per cent. The poll’s credibility has come under fire—most notably for its exclusion of International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn as the likely Socialist candidate rather than Aubry—but it hints at a repeat of the 2002 election, when Jean-Marie Le Pen made it to the run-off portion of the election before losing to Jacques Chirac.

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Le Pen leads in new French poll

  1. Rest assured if the Front National gets elected in France's 2012 election, French Muslim's had better watch it. Perhaps now would be a good time for them to return from whence they came.

    • From France? This may seem surprising but a lot of the muslim were in France born out of Muslim immigrants

  2. …Many, if not most were born and raised in France and have nowhere else to go. They came to France legally following French law and immigration procedure – they did nothing wrong. Perhaps, following your clearly xenophobic views, they should make concentration camps for them? I have no doubt that deep inside (or maybe not so deep) you greatly favor the idea.

    • That would be amazing. But I'd settle for them leaving.

      • Why would they leave? They're French citizens. Born there.

        France is repeating what they did with the Jews. So are you.

        • Nobody would have a problem if there was a small population of Muslims in France.

          The problem is – the North African Muslim population will actually displace the indigenous French popluation in a matter of decades.

          'pouf'. No more France.

          • Well, people everywhere are going to move around all over the world in the coming years….there are about 50 million refugees moving now, and that will increase through displacement, plus the normal moving about for jobs will increase greatly

            Poof, no countries at all…


  3. Here I go again …

    Sarkozy is going, going, GOING ….it does put a smile in my face….

  4. Jonathan you forget that in france the mostly hard work that no one want to do is doning by muslim people …
    If you stop your "overflow" immigrent who ll cleaning your … ?

    • If the hard work you refer to is :
      – burning cars
      – fighting with police
      – prostitution rings
      – terrorism

      Then I agree with you.

      If not, well… let me remind you that LePen would be considered a "moderate – left winger" in any muslim country. His election is not the apocalypse.

      Funny, no?

      • Gee, just like kids everywhere when they get shot. They react badly.

  5. The Islamic Republik of France needs a leader to bring it back to a secular republic. Violent muslims have far too much power, if they cannot live peacefully within a secular society then they are welcome to leave, there are plenty of violent muslim countries where they would feel right at home.

  6. I didn't know we had so many racists and biogots

    • The bioggest bogots and racists are in NDP. Their anti-Canadian actions and
      program hurts people as bad as libtarted economy.

      • Totally agree with you Jonathan !

        (btw, hope you mean the "federal" NDP only)

    • Oh we have tons of racists and bigots in this country….luckily they're confined to the Con party.

  7. A french is la french que sera sera.

  8. France is not a Muslim country, but the Muslims will make it so.

  9. Let's not forget that in the unlikely event of the FN being voted into power, the rest of the so-called 'free-world' would soon show France the 'error of it's ways' with sanctions and condemnation – just as they did when Austria tried the same thing. 'Democracy' is not what you want for your country, it's what others think you should have!

  10. This is all ridiculous. It is 2011, and these same countries with people escaping have had a long time to develop and smarten up. They cannot all rely and continue to rely on developed countries. Also, moving somewhere else cannot always be the right choice because it is not always going to be about economical situations, because to many, cultural is important as well. And we can see that many of these "immigrants" are complete opposites of western culture and opposites of the places they're fleeing to, and they are not about being a part of that society nor experiencing the country and culture. Enough with immigration, over-immigration, refugeeism, illegal or not. This is also bad for tourism since many want to see, feel and experience the real culture and environment of a country. For example, France, people visiting want to see French things, everything.

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