Le Tigre


You know, a lot of people are going to say that Tiger choked in this playoff, that he looked bad etc. But I don’t agree. I think he just looked human. In other words, his fantastic shots were sprinkled with some old fashioned misses. We’re just not used to seeing Tiger miss routine shots. Usually his only mistakes come when he’s attempting something miraculous. but through 16 so far, his numbers look decent, just not incredible.

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Le Tigre

  1. Steve is right. This was certainly the hardest Tiger has had to work for a major. Through five rounds (plus a bonus hole) Woods looked, well, human. But he did what he’s always done: play good enough to beat the next guy on the leaderboard.
    And kudos to you, too, Rocco Mediate. You’ll be telling this story until the day you die (and forever wishing that Tiger’s ball lipped out on the 72nd hole).

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