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Leafs start dumping players


In what is surely just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Leafs off-season game plan to purge itself of salary and less-than-stellar players, Kyle Wellwood and Andrew Raycroft have been placed on waivers. I can understand getting rid of “red-light” Raycroft (not to mention that it cost the team a future blue-chip prospect in Tuukka Rask), but I was really hoping Wellwood would put down the doughnuts and start showing some of that magic we all know he is capable of producing on a nightly basis. Wellwood would be a nice addition to a team looking for a power-play specialist and a third-line centre who doesn’t need to play more than 12 minutes a game. As for Raycroft, he needs to stop going down to his knees every time a player crosses the blueline–as illustrated in the picture to the left.


Leafs start dumping players

  1. Wellwood sounds like a guy made for the Canucks: smallish, good puck mover with limited ceiling. He’d fit into our second line quite nicely… Do you think Bettman will allow a Canadian team to win the Tavares sweepstakes?

  2. Dan in Van: I don’t think Bettman can prevent Tavares from joining a Canadian squad, and as a Leafs fan the only salvation of the upcoming season is that at the end of the tunnel lies a player like Tavares who can become a legitimate superstar. If Bettman somehow greases the draft and takes him away from the Leafs, he might as well join the witness protection program.

  3. Tavares isn’t the only salvation for toronto , especially when Bettman drops him in L.A’s lap. its too bad about wellwood, he just needs to go to a team where they don’t have a donut shop on every corner. Raycroft never really played that bad with toronto, he did the set the record for wins a season, but the toronto sport media needed a whipping boy to fill their lackluster sports pages and blogs. on a side note, its great to see people other then people who write at mccleans commenting on this blog, keep up the good work Dan in Van!

  4. But i work for a subsidiary – mcdonalds. Does that count?