Leather, rubber and the Peace Tower – Ottawa Pride - Macleans.ca

Leather, rubber and the Peace Tower – Ottawa Pride



As summer wound down in Ottawa, the Capital Pride parade made its way down Wellington Street past the Supreme Court and Parliament buildings.



The NDP was out in full force.

Ottawa NDP MP Paul Dewar.

The Liberals had a strong showing.

The Ontario Young Liberals gave out green condoms with the slogan: “The Environment needs protection and so do you.”


Tim Campbell, aide to Vancouver Liberal MP Hedy Fry.

Penny Collenette, the candidate for Ottawa Centre.

Deb Pearce from 103.9 Proud FM, Toronto’s gay radio station.

Ottawa college communications teacher Bradley Mosely-Williams.

All sorts of groups were represented, including the Wabano Centrefor Aboriginal Health.

The fetish crowd.


Local artists.

The local gay hockey group is seen here under Stephen Harper’s office (no word yet if they’ll make it into his book on hockey).

A reading group.

Engineering students. 


Roller derby girls!


The Christian groups had some great signs.


Camp Ten Oaks added some camp realness  to the campy parade.


Marcus McCann, Capital Xtra!’s Managing Editor and Associate Publisher.

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Leather, rubber and the Peace Tower – Ottawa Pride

  1. Odd choice of “above the fold” pictures…

  2. Why are they odd, Scott M.? Hoping for more cute guys in their underwear? ;-)

  3. Scott M., yeah, the Y-fronts clash with the hair.

  4. Hey Mitchel Raphael Saw you on Michael Coren show the other day. Thought you, and other guests, were great and hope Coren has you back again.

  5. Hmmmm good for Macleans for having the cajones to put some (in the context of mainstream news media) “racy” pics on the site. And I think I’ve just fallen in love with the dude in the goalie uniform…

  6. Actually, Derek, Macleans has always been good about that. Check out the Toronto Pride pictures.

    But what always gets me when I see this is the number of (non-Tory) politicians present. I think at Toronto half the NDP and Liberal caucus and, more importantly, front bench were present. Think Joe Clark at Calgary, being the grand marshal.

    Down here in the US, we’re lucky if the Mayor shows up. No major politician would ever dare show their face.

  7. Where are the Tories? People listen to the Coren show? Good grief.

  8. Well I know Sandi that at Toronto Pride if any Tories show up (Federal or Ontario) they sometimes get a “boo” from the crowd here and there. Although maybe not John Tory. Didn’t see the parade this year so don’t know about this time. But wouldn’t surprise me. Hence even moderate Tories rarely show up.

  9. Nice to see that person at the top fighting for the rights of trans fats. Personally, I think the health hysteria has gone…

    (off-stage whispering)


    (off-stage whispering)

    Wow. Well, still. Good for… them!