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Leathermen, drag queens and politicians march past Parliament Hill


Ottawa’s Capital Pride event saw over-the-top displays and performances. It was like Question Period but with sequins and harnesses.




Liberal organizer Denis Schryburt (left) and Scott Bradley, who is running to be the Liberal candidate for Ottawa Centre.



Bradley and his wife Fiona.



Ontario MPP Jim Watson.




Ontario MPP Yasir Naqvi.



Capital Pride chairman Alan Chaffe.



Liberal strategist Susan Smith.



The Liberal car.



The Green Party bikes (which were behind the Liberal car).



Green party deputy leader Adriane Carr.



NDP MP Paul Dewar.



Former NDP media man Ian Capstick.



The parade and festival.




























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Leathermen, drag queens and politicians march past Parliament Hill

  1. The guys with tires around waists and duct on their heads. What were they all about? Was alcohol involved?

    And I nominate "Somebody call God, Heaven's missing an angel!"

    • Maybe you should ask Wells?

    • You've never tried the tire and duct getup? You don't know what you're missing…

    • Curling team.

    • They are wonderfully and cheaply made curling rock costumes, for the gay curling league- Rainbow Rockers.

  2. Man, if Harper sees that this went on in front of the PMO he would sh*t his pants.

  3. Certainly flamboyant and creative – it's okay at Halloween, but for some it's shock any other time.

    Were there any Cons there?

  4. "69 A Liberal Position". Wow, what a classy event.

    • It (of course) references a bill from Trudeau passed in 1969. What did you think?

      • I thought it referenced a sexual position commonly known as 69. In fact, somebody who doesn't know this has to be pretty square. I wonder if these Liberals were handing out these T-shirts to passing kids. Why not, eh? Look, mommy 69! 69!

        • "That's great! Tell Mommy more about your unescorted afternoon at the gay pride parade…."

          • So kids have to be escorted around Liberals at the gay pride parade. Gotchya.

        • On a more serious note: Explain to me how the act of two adults simultaneously using their mouths to pleasure each other is going to corrupt a child. Honestly, I'd like to hear the logic.

    • Agreed. Sex is disgusing, and should never be referred to in a lighthearted, fun manner.

    • Agreed. Sex is disgusting, and should never be referred to in a lighthearted, fun manner.

      • Agreed, it should be shoved in front of the camera at every available opportunity.

        • The only two options are:

          – sex is disgusting, and should never be referred to in a lighthearted, fun manner
          – it should be shoved in front of the camera at every available opportunity?

        • Drop dead, moron.

  5. Does anyone else find it disturbing that one guy is wearing an SS cap? Second picture, man on the right.

  6. Great! Still laughing.

  7. I really like the photos that show participants and protesters blandly ignoring each other. Nice lesson for all of us.

  8. Does anyone else find it disturbing that one guy is wearing what looks like an SS officer's cap? Second picture, man on the right.

  9. You teach this to kids, do you? And here I thought we had sexual predator laws in this country. Silly me.

  10. I wouldn't send my kids unescorted to the Conservative beer tent at Stampede either. Or Question Period, for that matter. What's your point?

    • Interesting that you feel a gay pride event is no-go for kids. Thanks.

      • Didn't say that. There's lots of places I wouldn't send my kids unescorted to. Doesn't mean I wouldn't take them.

  11. If I teach my children about sex, I'm a sexual predator? Logic, please.

  12. You let 'em watch pornos, too?

    • No. I also manage to teach them about conflict and wars without showing films of soldiers getting their heads blown off.

      • Why wouldn't you let them watch pornos?

        • Because such films tend to present sex in an exploitative and artificial manner, and have precious little to do with sex in the real world. Also, my suspicion is that the women in such films are sometimes coerced.

          Why does talking to kids about sex so quickly draw your mind to either pedophilia or pornography? You still haven't answered my initial question about the corrupting nature of kids learning about sex.

          • Oh, so now you have RULES when it comes to teaching kids about sex, and we're starting to learn what some of those are. So, if the sex wasn't exploitive or coercive, would you let them watch pornos then?

            You see, you don't seem to have a problem with teaching them about sexual positions like the 69. So, I'd just assume that you'd have no problem having them watch it done, or trying to do it themselves, right?

            I mean, you think having kids exposed to certain kind of sex is harmless, don't you. Like the 69.

          • That's twice you've alluded to sex with kids.

            I'm done with you.

  13. Yuck

    • But had to look, didn't ya? Pervert.

  14. Sorry, that's a really messed up link, but if you google ss cap, you will see that they are not much alike at all, other than they both have eagles on them.

  15. I like how I'm in two of the Liberal photos but have my back turned. Way to be aware of the camera, Will

    • Is that you with the red mohawk?

  16. Being from Vancouver, where the Pride Parade is a huge spectator event, it's bizarre to see how few people were actually watching this parade.

  17. Woah – I didn't realize Ottawa was sooooo boring – there were like 10 spectators. What, does Stephen Harper have a clamp down on all fun in that city? In every other major North American and European city, hundreds of thousands turn out to watch the pride parade. C'mon Ottawa!

    • The parade route is long and these photos were taken at one of the least busiest parts.

    • There was actually over 35,000 spectators.

  18. Boring.

  19. Oh Canada. Things have obviously gotten pretty silly since the Choquettes left for les Etats Unis.