Leave it to Bieber: ABC developing sitcom based on pop star’s childhood

Armchair critics react to programming notice


Leave it to Bieber

TV Guide says ABC is back at work with Justin Bieber to develop a sitcom based on the pop star’s childhood. The news inspired a quick response on Twitter:

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Justin Bieber sitcom reportedly in development http://bit.ly/12fOotMOn The Red Carpet
justin bieber is gonna have his own sitcom :DAla Austin
Yayyy Justin Bieber new sitcom!!!!!Jaden’s Girl
UMMM WHAT? A TV SHOW ABOUT JUSTIN’S LIFE WHO WOULD PLAY HIM? http://m.rollingstone.com/?redirurl=/movies/news/justin-bieber-sitcom-in-the-works-at-abc-20121214&seenSplash=1itsabelieberthing
RT–WHY????“@OnTheRedCarpet: Justin Bieber sitcom reportedly in development http://bit.ly/12fOotM”Fernando Lopez
A Justin Bieber sitcom is the exact opposite of what people want to watch #pleasenoKatie Gray
There’s gonna be a justin bieber sitcom? The worlds going to hell.ash ketchum
Rooting for the Mayans “@NaughtyNiceRob: ABC is developing a sitcom based on Justin Bieber’s life! YAMN”Oshkosh B’Josh
you know it’s the end of the world when people plan for a Justin Bieber sitcomnasheli macaluso
Bieber’s getting a sitcom on ABC… http://pic.twitter.com/CN2mxqQXJessica Laine

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