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Lebanese government collapses after Hezbollah members quit coalition

Dispute over investigation into Hariri assassination


Lebanon’s governing coalition is no more after 11 ministers representing the powerful Hezbollah movement and its political allies resigned and called on President Michel Suleiman to form a new government. The wave of resignations was enough to bring down Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, the son of slain leader Rafiq Hariri. The standoff between Hariri and his Hezbollah ministers centres around an ongoing investigation by the UN-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) into the elder Hariri’s assassination. Hezbollah wants Saad al-Hariri to disavow the STL as part of a U.S.-Israeli plot. The resignations come amidst unconfirmed reports the STL is set to indict senior Hezbollah members in connection with the 2005 assassination.


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Lebanese government collapses after Hezbollah members quit coalition

  1. If I wanted to be glib I could make some crack about our exalted Leader believing all Coalitions were illegitimate anyway.

    Given the stakes ifor the people in Lebanon I hope the young Hariri can stand his ground and force Hezbollah into a corner.

    • I don't see how seeing as the Hezbollah allies actually got more votes than the Hariri allies in the last election (so have more support from the people of the country) and Hezbollah is also the strongest military force in the country.

      • I think you meant terrorist group. Hezbollah is also the strongest terrorist group in the country* fix'd

      • Correction: HA and its allies control a 1/3 of the seats and lost in the last elections. They are the strongest force in the country though but the people voted against them and therefore against their weapons. The majority of expatriot Lebanese regard them as terrorists as well as a significant percentage of the population.

  2. The best thing for us to do, here in Canada is to continue mass immigration into our country so that Hezbollah (and similar garbage) can start pushing their way into our gov't and imposing filthy shariah law on us. Won't that be nice?