Legault: Just say ‘No’ to referendum


The head of Quebec’s upstart third party has rid himself of the ambiguity dogging his stance on sovereignty. If a referendum were held today, he would “vote No.”

“Because I think that right now, it’s not the good time to do so and it wouldn’t be good for our nation to have a referendum right now. (So) of course, I wouldn’t vote ‘Yes’ for the next 10 years,” the leader of Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) told the National Post.

Premier Jean Charest has made great efforts during the election campaign to portray Legault as a separatist. This was not entirely far-fetched, given that Legault has served as a minister for a Parti Québécois government and once ran to lead the party. Legault had promised not to raise the issue of sovereignty for ten years.

Meanwhile, his party is surging in the polls. The (somewhat regrettably named) CAQ stands at 24 per cent, up 10 per cent, as compared to the 32 per cent of the Liberals and 34 per cent of the PQ, according to a Forum Poll conducted by the Post. The poll arrives on the heels of the announcement that anti-corruption stud Jacques Duchesneau was running as a candidate for the CAQ.



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Legault: Just say ‘No’ to referendum

  1. au contraire mon amis. say yes and yes and be done with it. I’m sure Canada can find a better use for the 8 billion/year wasted appeasing kweebek

    • If Quebec goes, I want Ontario to go with them…back to the original Canada

      • Your historical revisionism is appalling. What do you mean by the “original Canada”? If you mean the country of Canada, created in 1867, it included not only Ontario and Quebec, but also New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. If you mean the province or colony of Canada, there was no such thing. The British created the province of Quebec out of New France in 1763. In 1791, they divided the province into two separate entities, Upper Canada and Lower Canada. At no time was there an “original Canada” that included only your two specified provinces.

        • Upper and Lower Canada….the original Canada. Suck it up.

        • Actually there was the united Province of Canada after the Act of Union in 1840 which was passed in response Lord Durham’s report on the Rebellions of 1837. Canada West and Canada East were the divisions within.

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