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Leno doing worse than Conan

Jay’s ratings trending below his predecessor’s


Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show was notorious for performing worse than Jay Leno’s, and when Leno took the show back, he went back to winning the late night wars—or did he? TV By the Numbers has looked at recent ratings and discovered that although Leno started out doing well, his current “ratings trend” is actually a bit below Conan’s in the same period, and he is back to being tied with David Letterman in the 11:30 slot—and this is before O’Brien’s cable talk show starts competing with both of them. And as one observer noted, Leno doesn’t even have Conan’s excuse for these ratings: having Jay Leno as a lead-in.


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Leno doing worse than Conan

  1. Well, I can't wait to see Conan rub this in Leno and Zucker's faces when his TBS show starts!

  2. I have never understood the appeal of Leno. His "comedy" is sophomoric and obvious at best. The onlt thing he ever had going for him was a massive ego that far outstripped his talent.

    I thought it was a mistake for NBC to choose him over Letterman when Johnny Carson retired. To compound the initial error with the Conan fiasco is unforgiveable. NBC really needs to take a long hard look at whoever is making their programming decisions.

    • You're right, Leno isn't funny. But he's got mass appeal. It's the same idiots watching Leno that watch 2 and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. And probably NCIS too.

  3. People watch Leno? My infrequent late night TV watching is usually the Daily Show or Ferguson. It would have to be a fairly dry night for me to watch Leno, and even then I'd probably just go to sleep instead.

  4. i like Leno, some of the jokes are so bad they are good. Most of the talk show guys have a team of writers so if we are talking about the jokes we aren't talking about the host. On the other hand Craig Ferguson appears to be making up his monologue as he goes along and goes on to wild tangents. He is insanely brilliant. I hope to be watching Coco in November but I hope it's not on CTV at 12 or else I will have to record it.

  5. Too many older comics hang on too long. I think they need the attention that the public gives them. In Leno's case, it became a little ugly and he began to be the butt of jokes – not good for a comedian to be the meat for others' jokes. He should have bowed out gracefully and learned to enjoy retirement – god knows he can afford it.