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Lesbian soldier may be granted asylum

Federal Court tells refugee board to re-assess application by U.S. army deserter


Private Bethany Smith, a 21-year-old U.S. army deserter, won a key court battle on Friday when a Federal Court judge ordered Canada’s refugee board to reconsider its decision to deny Smith’s application for asylum in Canada. Smith left a military base at Fort Campbell, Ky., two years ago after suffering what she says was persecution based on her sexual orientation. According to Smith, after a fellow soldier outed her as a lesbian, she was harassed, made to work harder than others, and even threatened. Justice Yves de Montigny found in Smith’s favour, finding that Smith had legitimate reason to fear “that she could be punished for leaving an environment where her life is in danger.”

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Lesbian soldier may be granted asylum

  1. I Think we are playing with fire if we allow her to stay. The U.S. military does not have a death penalty for being gay. She has simply failed to fullfill her side of the contract she signed with the US forces. Should Canada be a refuge for all with contract disputes? The worst she faces is some time in the brig, and a dishonorable discharge.

    • "Don't ask, don't tell" is a contract?

  2. OFFS… and I suppose we're on the hook to put this honourless twit on the dole for the rest of her life….

    At least this snippet does not use that nausea-inducing, assinine term the useful idiots like to use… "war resistor"…. Gah, I just threw up a little in my mouth just mentioning it…