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Levi Johnston goes rogue on Sarah Palin

“If I wanted to crush them I could” he says


In an interview on The Insider, former Palin family member Levi Johnston threatened to expose a lot more than the body parts he’ll be showing off in the December Playgirl. Sarah Palin’s almost-son-in-law dished the dirt on the former Alaska governor, claiming that she kept him from seeing the baby he had with Palin’s daughter Bristol. He also stood by the outrageous claims he made on the The Early Show last week, among them that Palin called her baby son Trig, who is afflicted with Down syndrome, “retarded.” Johnston also alleged that Palin resigned because people offered her “big money.” He knows family secrets that are explosive, he said, noting: “If I wanted to crush them I could.” As for reprisals, Johnston talked tough: “I ain’t scared of her,” he said.

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Levi Johnston goes rogue on Sarah Palin

  1. It's just stunning that the neocons are still staking their future election prospects on this rediculous bunch of hillbillies. Astonishing.

    • it's still a few years away but Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee seem like they are ahead of her. It all depends on who wins the primaries right. And who would Republican voters support? Sarah is better off to just cash in on her fame and be a pundit.

  2. Do you really think that Levi is angry and just trying to get some payback! Come on wayne I guess you are so liberal you have lost the whole concept of thinking!

    • I really don't get your point. I don't care what your politics are. If I were a republican I would be doing everything I could to bury this public relations disaster. It was a desperate gamble by the right to look trendy by injecting a total unknown into a morabund campaign and it absolutely blew up in their faces. It turned out Sarah was about as bright as Britney. The family turned out to have the rutting habits of Hollywood. The astonishing thing is, some people on the right still think she is going somewhere. I'm sure the Democrats thank God every day they were given that gift and pray every night that she sticks around. Cheers. Oh and by the way I will not sling insults at you because we disagree. After all, it's been often said, when you do that, you have lost the argument.

  3. I have a hard time believing Bristol Palin was foolish enough to look twice at this idiot, let alone reproduce with him.

    • What's wrong with him? He seems like a pretty upright smalltown guy. He just fell in with the wrong crowd.

  4. What a pathetic little creep!

    • Hey, Sarah Palin's not exactly my cup of tea either, but have some respect, would you?

      • maybe that's a little overboard. But I can't see much to respect.

        • Kidding. I believe he was actually talking about Levi, and I just felt like intentionally misunderstanding.

          • lol, actually I mean Levi too

          • Then we're both hilarious. Plus ones all around!