Liberal insider leaked story of Layton's massage, says columnist -

Liberal insider leaked story of Layton’s massage, says columnist

Story was shopped around in 2008


National Post columnist Jonathan Kay told the Montreal Gazette Sunday that it was a Liberal Party insider who leaked the story about Jack Layton’s 1996 interrogation by Toronto Police. Kay says he was approached by the insider with an Access To Information request for a police officer’s notes just two days before the 2008 vote. Kay could not verify the story at the time, so he didn’t make it public. Last week, Sun Media revealed that Jack Layton was quoted in a police officer’s notes as saying, “I was just getting a shiatsu,” after he was found naked during a raid at a “suspected Chinatown bawdy house.” Layton denies any wrongdoing. Marc Roy, a spokesperson for the Liberal Party of Canada, told the Gazette that his party had nothing to do with the leak.

Montreal Gazette

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Liberal insider leaked story of Layton’s massage, says columnist

  1. Sun Media … all the news that's fit to reheat!

  2. So it was the Lib's eh! – does not surprise me in hte least – that sort of story is even beneath harper … just goes to show you …

    • If Harper's team didn't leak it, it's because they didn't have it… not because it was beneath them.

      Despicable, regardless of the source.

      • Why is it despicable? My guess is that if Harper got caught in a rub & tug that was being busted, you'd consider it quite newsworthy.

        • "Despicable" because no charges were laid and digging up witnesses to defend himself after 15 years is nigh on impossible. So it's just the word of a faceless informant against a politician in the middle of an election – clearly a smear job. There's no proof of wrongdoing and no relationship to the issues of the election.

          I'm not an NDP supporter, but there's a right way and a wrong way to try to bring someone down, and this is the sleaziest of an incredibly sleazy election.

          • You are ignoring one minor detail: Layton himself and his wife Olivia Chow admitted he was at the massage parlor-bawdy house…buck naked!!
            You don't other witnesses unless you think the Laytons are lying.

        • I'd consider it newsworthy if he was caught telling the truth !!

        • As for Harper: same criteria as for Jack. There was a story related to Harper that was killed a while back, and rightly so.

          I can't stand Harper, as anyone who reads my posts will know, but there are plenty of genuine issues for which I think he should be brought down. I'll stick with those.

        • The season NDP is up on polls is because they have been more respectful and ran a cleaner campaign. Canadians are rewarding them on e-day. Keep talking trash, the younger generation is smarter than blind attack ads. This newest smear campaign, may just help NDP win it big tonight.

      • Until now, you are still refusing to take your blinders off. Looking at the sideline, if there are parties that are really scary, they are none other than Liberal and NDP, they perfected nastiness, lies, arrogance, and throwing false allegations to a T.

        • Have you paid any attention to the CPC ads over the past few years? Or to any of their actions while running a minority? What do you think will happen now that they don't have to operate with one hand behind their back?

          Bye-bye Canada; hello Republic of Harper…

  3. Your headline is misleading. Kay says a Liberal insider leaked it in 2008.

    But that doesn’t tell who leaked it in 2011. The Cons have a close connection to Sun TV, so it was probably them (and as others mention, it is the kind of thing they would do).

    • Erm, wouldn’t it make sense then for the Conservatives to leak to someone like the Star, and conversely for the Liberals to leak to the Sun, if they want to cover their tracks?

  4. good to know the conservatives aren't the only whore lovers and some cops that are normal dont support this sort of behavior unlike the cops i know who support it 100% plus im jealous but still the cops shouldn't support it even if im jealous and not a customer

  5. It's good that this comes out in the open so we could scrutinize when Layton pass and block a bill. Hopefull he will not be extorted and blackmailed in passing or blocking a bill by the unsavory gangs who run this bawdy house.

  6. By the by why is Macleans very late in posting a little detail (not complete) on this matter? Were they, like CBC, CTV, and Globe & Mail hoping to black out and manipulate the result of this election?

  7. yes

  8. Jack "Pervert" Layton is a full fledged scum bag. Anyone frequenting these epidemic whore houses in Toronto should be roasted politically. Those are not leadership qualities I appreciate working with my tax dollars. I would imagine Jack "Rub and Tug" Layton should step down if he has any shred of dignity left. A leak? if anything these people have done the Country a favour by exposing how much of a sleaze ball this man really is. Too bad they didn't release this information sooner; it could have actually affected the vote.

  9. How is this a "leak" and not simply a public service? Canada deserves to know that our "leader" of the opposition is a lying, cheat who thinks that debasing women for a quick nut is fair game. Down with Jack Layton!!

  10. I guess that Jack Layton DOES NOT CARE about Women after all. Despicable. Exploiting Canadian women as Sex Objects…

  11. Yes, well the real issue is the hypocrisy of Mr. Layton. The story by Christie Blatchforsd in the G&M also sheds some light on the true character of our new leader of the opposition.l

  12. Only because I'd be shocked to learn Harper was getting any.

  13. I'm pretty sure women can stick up for themselves, but thanks for the patronizing attitude.

  14. He's not a cheat or a liar if his wife knew about it. As for debasing women, that's pretty rich coming from a (I'm assuming) supporter of the party that cut the Status of Women offices to nothing, refused to provide women with safe, legal abortions as part of its foreign aid deals, and elected the most pathetic percentage of female MPs of any party in the House.

  15. .
    The smear that just keeps on giving.

    We are assuming that the notes now turned over to the police are 'the notes' shown to the Sun, et al. Since the notes turned over are absolutely not going to be publicized, we have no idea what they actually 'reveal', whether they are substantially different, or whether we are going to have to rely on yet more 'reliable' leaks to the 'reliable' media (supposedly) from (valid) police sources that they are…

    So, once again, the police are being manipulated into serving as handmaidens of the Government of Harper's optics-control, just as the RCMP were exploited in the very public asphyxiation of Helena Guergis (to the standing ovation of Liberals and Conservatives alike), before she was thrown under the conservative's steamroller in her own erstwhile sympathetic riding.

    But now my keyboard is now tiring of the pounding cynicism.