Senator found guilty of fraud

Court finds Raymond Lavigne charged over $10,000 worth of illegitimate travel claims


Embattled Senator Raymond Lavigne has been found guilty of fraud related to his reimbursement for illegitimate travel claims worth $10,120.50. Lavigne was also found guilty of using public funds to pay one of his office employees to do work on his property. So far, it’s unclear how the verdict will effect Lavigne’s status in the Upper Chamber. Lavigne’s trial on fraud and other charges was the result of an investigation by the RCMP and the Senate after one of Lavigne’s staffers was found to be cutting trees on Lavigne’s property during working hours. A second former employee eventually came forward to say Lavigne would pocket part of the travel allowance claimed for the employee’s trips between Ottawa and Montreal. While he hasn’t sat in the Senate since he was charged, Lavigne continues to collect his $130,000 salary, plus travel and office expenses.

CLARIFICATION: Lavigne was originally identified in the above headline and article as a “Liberal senator.” Though Lavigne was named to the Senate as a Liberal after serving as a Liberal MP, he was suspended from the Liberal caucus in June 2006.

The Globe and Mail

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Senator found guilty of fraud

  1. What? A corrupt Liberal? This must be some kind of mistake.

    • What? An insipid comment by alfanerd?!

      What happened to this pillar of knowledge, those insightful and balanced comments?

      • everything I say does not have to necessarily display my vast knowledge of everything.

        sometimes i like to mingle with the little people too… :)

  2. I hope the court orders full restitution of this jerk's illegitimate income and the Senate moves quickly to expel him.

  3. Perhaps how the Liberal Party and its leader now deal with Mr Lavigne (found guilty of fraud against the taxpayer and, a refusal to step aside until the charges were settled) will provide unequivocal ethical guidance that the Conservatives might refer to in dealing with those involved in the in and out charges, once justice has been given a chance to take its course in the latter matter.

    • A reply to myself. I believe Mr Einstein below is right. Bad timing though considering the current Liberal push.

  4. Les frenchman, will go to quebec, get cretins judge, and eventually, the order du kanada.

  5. I thought Senator Lavigne was kicked out of the Liberal caucus years ago.

    • He was, but the liberal stench lingers forever.

    • He was kicked out only when these charges came about. His illegal activities were committed while he was a Liberal (qu'elle surprise!)

  6. If you want to groom Trudow junior, start with the greasy hair.

  7. Bravo Judge Smith and Supt. Bonin. Of course he will appeal and waste some more of our tax dollars.

    Funny how the CBC ran the headline "Senator Lavigne……..". Have to make sure that Liberal is never connected with a negative, lol!!!

    • Maybe because he ISN'T a Liberal anymore?

      • OK "former Liberal Senator Lavigne…."

        • Hmmmm….something is fishy about dropping the "Liberal" – G&M article above has now dropped it, yet all the previous articles on Sen. Lavigne call him Liberal Senator. Even in this article " Mr. Lavigne was accompanied by his wife, Carmen Robichaud, and his friend retired Liberal senator Michel Biron."

          So when do you stop being a Liberal? When you get kicked out but not when you retire? Seems to me we are witnessing some major Liberal damage control, all those busy little staffers calling the media outlets, lol!!!

          • "Liberalism is just Communism sold by the drink." — P.J. O'Rourke …

  8. Well he was appointed by the Liberals so they can own him.

  9. Hello he's a Senator whats the big hubba bubba this is what Senators do, Canada is a rich country with vast untapped taxpayer wallets to fleece. Besides the Harper Government didn't bat a eye when the Senate Dining Room costs double with the arrival of the Rt Hon Senator Duffy.

    The only party that can say we told you so is the squeaky clean lean and mean NDP.

    • All the dippers just sit there salavatating at the thought of getting their grubby little mitts into the public cookie jar.

    • Commenting on a person weight, very though provoking. Why not also comment on race, religion or colour? Is that you have nothing poor to say about his job performance, either as a Senator or previous to that you picked that to comment on?

  10. this choice we have between red crooks and blue morons has to have a breaking point, and soon.

  11. Abolish the Senate . It is useless and is pork barrelling at its worst. Liberals and Conservatives are equally guilty , using it as a reward for party faithful. It is undemocratic , does nothing and is costing us a fortune. The quality of the appointments is also an issue. But bagman and party faithful usually do not act like the role models. Abolish it now.

  12. Glad this farce is inching towards conclusion. The Liberals kicked him out of caucus, but the Senate was unable to kick him out of the chamber. Politicians love their loopholes.

    I hope he is ultimately held accountable.

  13. He hasn't been a Liberal since 2006….Harper's Party history not so well remembered….Hmmmm…conservative selective memory..?

  14. Clearly, they SHOULD have kicked him out long before they were aware of any wrong-doing.

  15. I now await the incoming tsunami of hysterical smears and attacks against the Liberals by the media… oh yeah that won't happen… media induced hysteria and public lynchings are strictly reserved for the Conservatives… Real corruption, Liberal corruption doesn't interest the media and this story will disappear as fast as you can say "Adscam"!

  16. Corrupt Liberals commit real crimes and the media is extra sensitive to distance them from the crooked Liberal party itself, the media pretends to want to show fairness and respect for the criminals they support. But if a Conservative politician doesn't do anything wrong – it's a front page 'scandal'. The hypocrisy is incredible.

  17. So when do we get our money back? including salary since he was charged. Cancel his cushy government pension too.

  18. It is a crime. He and who else contributed to this. How much more that we don't know about? I wonder if anyone is blameless. Is politics dead now? How do we trust "a smilling face" anymore when this can happen in our own government?
    In the recient past I watched as American leaders condemed Wikileakes. I watched them on the news ranting and raving about "secrets" out in the open.
    Do we have a government watchdog that seekes out people "in" government that otherwise would be sent to jail for actual crimes? The RCMP caught this guy. Good for them.

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