Liberal Ties -

Liberal Ties


Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella is spotted in the House foyer wearing a stylish skull and crossbones tie.



Liberal MP Mark Eyking decided to just carry his tie around.



Liberal Ties

  1. The tie is to warn anyone who makes any negative comments about him – that he takes no prisoners – litigation at high noon!

  2. Is Warren some sort of pirate? His knot sure looks like someone with a hooked hand tied it.

    • Have to agree with you (just this once, I promise). Pretty feeble attempt at a half-Windsor.

    • It is a classic four-in-hand, properly done. A very efficient knot if time-saving is important. Pirates don't wear ties; they wear blouses with frills.

      • Have to agree with John. It looks more like a four-in-hand than half-windsor. But Kinsella still is a bit of a pirate.

    • Isn't the skull and bones the logo for Warren's crappy band?

  3. Well, I guess Warren had to return to politics since Bill Murray doesn't make too many movies anymore, so there were no more opporunties to be his stunt double.

  4. "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats." – H. L. Mencken

    Not, mind you, that I'm suggesting Kinsella is normal.

  5. Does he remind anyone other than me of Colin Mochrie?

    • Maybe if Colin had had a hard night of drinking, then slept on the bathroom floor, then rode the bus to work….

  6. Isn't the skull and crossbones the symbol for poison? Seems about right.

  7. Well isn't he stylish.

    I do not understand the recent skull trend. It's everywhere, even on baby clothing.

  8. love the tie, warren. a preppy staple.

  9. cmon guys, he's a self-proclaimed "punk." he needs people to notice details like this.