Liberals crossing the floor?

Tory official claims three MPs want to switch sides


A Conservative official says his party has been in discussions with three Liberal MPs who may be considering defecting. The Conservatives have so far refused to name the trio, but there is some speculation that Brampton—Springdale MP Ruby Dhalla is among them. Liberal officials have said the suggestions are “mischief” and accuse the government of trying to raid their party. Still, the rumours come at a bad time for Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, who is slipping the polls and is already dealing with problems of party unity following the resignation of his Quebec Lieutenant, Denis Coderre.

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Liberals crossing the floor?

  1. If Dhalla crosses the floor it’ll be yet one more confirmation that politicians and political parties stand for nothing anymore, beyond that is, opportunism and a complete disregard for the views of those that got them there in the first place.

    • There is zero chance one of the three is Dhalla. Ignatieff is more likely to cross the floor then his little princess is.

      I miss seeing that picture of him and Ruby holding hands and smiling.

    • You can bet the Conservative DO NOT want her in caucus. Vote for Parm Gill next time, Brampton!

    • Dryden? I doubt it. He has made a living from long winded speeches that really go after Harper personally, so this seems unrealistic.

      It is entirely possible that no one crosses. Actually crossing is a lot harder than thinking about it – you are asking these folks to burn a lifetime of personal and political bridges. If anyone goes, though, you have to think about BC and Ontario Liberal MPs who were in tight races last time, and who are worried about their seats the next time around.

  2. Say no to Dhalla. She should sink with her silly Old Age pension legislation as a Liberal. The Tories would be silly to accept her.

    Floor crosser #1:
    Keith Martin from Vancouver Island. He used to be about Reform, and it would be nice to see him switch back

    • Keith Martin and Irwin Cotler would be excellent additions to the CPC.

      • Both Martin and Cotler are principled men, hence very unlikely to jump ship into Harperland – a real conservative party yes. But not this collection of junkyard dogs.

    • No way to Keith Martin. Martin was never a real Reformer as he's not a social conservative, and he's been active on foreign affairs (where the Conservatives are failing big-time) and health care (where he's opposed a lot of the government's policies). I don't see him crossing to a party whose policies he can't stand up and defend. He's not a superstar, but he's a thinker.

      And the Irwin Cotler suggestion is laughable. It'll be a cold day in hell before he leaves the Liberal party.

  3. Oh please…not Dhalla!

    Oh svp…pas Coderre!

    PS: (You can keep Brison and Turner too.)

  4. Belinda is rumored to be making a come-back.

  5. Luckily for the Liberals, Professor Ignatieff is working on a fool-proof cylon detector.

    • aka the Nutty Professor

  6. Isn't there some rule in politics about staying well back when your opponents are capably destroying themselves?

  7. …perhaps only to join the gathering of Liberal leadership vultures quietly circling above Michael Ignatieff's head?

    • Would Harper use negative attack ads against a woman?

  8. Even a single floor crossing would be another nail in the Count's coffin.

  9. …but not the final nail.

    Let's not fool ourselves…there is a bedrock of Liberal support that will never, ever erode. People who would vote for a poodle dressed up in a red vest if it barked at Harper. We're probably close to that "bottoming out" point now in the polls.

    Even given all the current rash of bad press Iggy is getting…he'd be really, really hard pressed to lose a significant number of seats. Certainly he can't do any worse than the party under Dion…could he?

  10. Hmmm, now it makes we wonder! But would you really want these people if you are in the CPC? I think it depends on who they are. I don't see Dhalla crossing the floor.

  11. For some time now I've been replacing the wording ' an anonymous Conservative official, an unnamed Liberal insider, speaking on background, HIGH LEVEL POLITCAL OPERATIVE…..' with – a pathological liar speaking to this gullible bait hungry fish of a reporter- These kind of stories make more sense to me when I do that.

    • I agree with that and I think that anytime one of these rumours turns out to be false (like say, if nobody crosses in the next few weeks) then "off the record" no longer applies and the source's identity should be immediately published.

  12. He doesn't have to; even a slight increase in seats would mean a one way ticket back to Boston. Can the Liberals recover from 2 lame ducks in a row? One thing I know for sure, the next Liberal leader won't be a former professor.

    • As opposed to a former political hack who has never done an honest days work in his life? Oh sorry! that is the conservative specialty.

  13. We will nveer know, until it happens.They are not about to say yes, we are crossing.But rats do jump from a sinking ship.

  14. We will never know, until it happens.They are not about to say yes, we are crossing.But rats do jump from a sinking ship.

  15. …agreed…more than likely it'll be a former High School teacher.

    • So they go with the guy (Rae) who lost to the guy (Ignatieff) who lost to the guy name Dion, who lost in the last election? That's the kind of strategy that is propelling the Liberals along their current path.

    • So they go with the guy (Rae) who lost to the guy (Ignatieff) who lost to the guy named Dion, who lost in the last election? That's the kind of strategy that is propelling the Liberals along their current path.

  16. Rats jumping from a sinking ship? No, the ship is just rolling on some lively seas right now. but the fact that Ignatieff was never properly elected as leader is probably causing some to doubt his legitimacy.

    • The real question is what choice did the liberals have under the circumstances? No money, minimal organisation and very little time to act. There was nothing else that could have been done.

  17. dunno….

    I suppose the "Just Visiting" moniker could apply to Belinda as well.

  18. dunno….

    I suppose the "Just Visiting" moniker could apply to Belinda as well…especially now that daddy owns Opel.

  19. Umm.. Keith Martin has crossed more floors than your average tango dancer.

    Martin was elected Reform, ran for Alliance leadership, briefly left the Alliance in the Strahl Rebellion of 2000-2001, then when they merged with the PC's, decided it was time to go Liberal.

    What kind of a principled man leaves the Canadian Alliance to go Liberal when they merge with the PC's? Lets be clear here, he left the Canadian Alliance when it merged with a more socially progressive organization, and he was so upset by this, he decided to join an EVEN MORE progressive organization?

    Where are the principles? I fail to see them.

  20. Right…is that your complete list of people who aren't Canadian enough for you? Somehow i doubt it.

  21. What is the point in leaking this information? It reflects poorly on the conservatives and it gains them little. Yes, it stirs the pot around a little bit and adds to uncertainty about the Liberal party — but that is a temporary effect. It also makes the Conservatives appear meddlesome and could help rally the Liberals around Iggy.

  22. K Martin and I Cotler, the latter's spouse, I recall reading, quit the liberals because of their strong anti-Jewish strain, epitomised by D Coderre and other Hamas-loving neo-clerical, secular facists from Quebec.

    Was not Martin a member of the PCs or Reform?

    • Irwin Cotler was once Nelson Mandela's lawyer. He is an international superstar. He will not join the CPC. (While we're here, anyone else remember loyal CPC MP Rob Anders calling Mandela a "war criminal"?)

      Yes, Keith Martin was once a Reform member. Fiscal conservative, socially liberal, ran for leadership of the Alliance, opposed merger with the PCs, and then sat as an Independent. He then ran for the Liberals. But I think it is important to note that he did NOT cross the floor while the House was in session. He became and Independent. That's different.

  23. DHALLA? Oh please, that's just ridiculous.

    What's next, Dion is coming with her? Maybe Bob Rae, too?

    What nonsense.

  24. The reason is simple, the press loves to wallop a loser, and that is where their focus is now. Even handed reporting is very difficult to find, and quickly drowned out by the more hysterical reporting.

    • I've noticed the biased reporting as well. The media sure have it in for Ignatieff lately. They especially love kicking him when he's down. Did you see the 11 piano stories in 2 days on the G&M site alone?

    • I agree, and the key is that they like to wallop “losers”, not Tories or Grits or anybody in particular. If you’re losing, they’ll wallop you. Some way, some how, Harper has managed to avoid a prolonged losing streak whereas his opponents have been less successful to this point.

      The Liberals can still turn things around though. There’s no election actually happening right now so frankly all this jabber may turn out to be completely irrelevant if it comes to a head-to-head. The key is to stop losing.

      • Its easier than actually working for a living. They actually did the same thing to Jean Chretien before he became prime minister and to Harper around the time of Belinda Stronachs' defection. There is sort of a herd mentality in the press.
        Once they get going they sort of just repeat what the other guy said. The problem is that they begin treating rumor and opinion with the same seriousness they do for factual news.

  25. Are we ever going to make it illegal to cross the floor. Incumbents should be forced to go to the polls. I am the last thing from a Liberal as I believe it to be a mental disorder but voters, of any party, no matter how misguided deserve better.

  26. Yep, even-handed reporting is hard to find – unless of course it all the reporting happens to be stacked against the Tories. Then everything would be as right as rain in the Liberal world again.
    Admittedly, it has been surreal reading all of the nice headlines for Harper this week, following years of the same media snakes spitting their venom at him. So I can well imagine that some Liberals are feeling a little discombobulated these days by the dawning realization that their status as the Natural Governing Party may actually have died on the mat following that 2006 knockout punch by Harper.

  27. I want to vomit. There are so many things wrong with this country, and this is one of them. Our politicians stand for nothing but themselves.

    Hey, remember when Harper had principles? Now he'll gladly lie down with the Opposition if he can "turn" a few of them.

  28. It would appear that the ministry of lies (jason kenneys' office) had not checked with the office of deceit (aka the Harper PMO) before they started spreading this particular whopper. As expected it turns out that the conservatives were lying and the liberals were telling the truth but then conservatives are consistent in that they always lie even when the truth will serve.

  29. Just in case anyone missed the correction you can find it at the following link:

    It is of course pointless to remind all the conservatives out there that they can continue their usual lies: they will do so automatically since it is their nature. It is however important that they remember to clear their falsehoods with the central office of deception (PMO) before spreading them.

  30. "Dimitri Soudas, a PMO spokesperson, said there was no truth to claims made to the Star by Kenney's communications director, Alykhan Velshi, about three Liberal MPs interested in crossing the floor to the Conservatives"

    That's one source the Star won't be taking calls from again…

  31. Now that The Star has reported that the Prime Minister's spokesperson has said this story is BS (see the article in The Star today), are you going to remove this from your website or at least report the truth?

  32. Do you think Delacourt will take any calls from kenny's office after this?

    yes, and in a heartbeat if she thinks she can get a good story out of it.

  33. Many politicians become Liberals not necessarily because they agree with their politics, but because over Canada's history, they have been the government most often. I wouldn't be surprised that some political opportunists may have come to the realization that it may be quite a while before we see another Liberal government, so why not jump to the Conservatives. They don't trouble themselves with principles or values, they just want to be in Cabinet. It doesn' much matter with which party. eg. Belinda, that Nova Scotia gay MP, the BC softwood lumber MP. I'm sorry, I can't be bothered to remember their names.

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