Liberals fear Mulcair leadership of NDP

Grits fear Mulcair may dampen their momentum


The election of Thomas Mulcair as leader of the NDP in March could dash Liberal hopes of reconstruction, according to Liberal militants anonymously quoted by Montreal’s daily La Presse on Tuesday. The comments echo the words of Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae, who had already said in November that the outcome of the NDP leadership race would have serious consequences on the other parties. Mulcair, the MP for Outrement, Que., is perceived in the NDP as the natural Quebec candidate, where the party pulled off its victorious Orange Crush in the last federal election. The Liberals fear he would know best how the NDP might keep the 59 seats it gained in La Belle Province, writes La Presse.

La Presse

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Liberals fear Mulcair leadership of NDP

  1. I think Nathan Cullen has proved this week that he could be a serious contender in Quebec.  In that sense, Mulcair is not the only threat to the Liberal party.  

  2. Macleans, I love ya but please spell Outremont properly and “militants” c’est pas correct en anglais .. Activists. The idea of Liberal militants, Beirut faction style, is pretty funny though. Good to see Mulcair has his spin doctor leaking team in gear finally. Wonder what took him so long.

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