Liberals gather in the courtyard


Quebec Liberal staffers held “Soir des plaines sur la Colline,” a summer bash in the East Block courtyard. Below are Quebec Liberal MPs Marlene Jennings (left) and Alexandra Mendes.


Montreal Liberal MP Irwin Cotler.


Montreal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau.


Montreal Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez.


Newfoundland MP Scott Simms.


Toronto Liberal MP Kirsty Duncan.


Iggy staffer Adam Goldenberg.


Trudeau’s aide Louis-Alexandre Lanthier.


Liberal staffer Christian Dicks.


Trevor Harrison (left) and Adam Miron.


The party.



Liberals gather in the courtyard

  1. Is there some part of the Maclean-Hunter corporate charter that requires you to print synchophantic photo after sycophantic photo of an irrelevant and unaccomplished backbench MP from Montreal as though he really was all that.

    He made a pretty speech at his father's funeral.

    Since then, pretty much squat.

    Yet I swear, he gets more coverage in Macleans than any other twenty backbenchers combined.

    Get a freakin' life, you people.

    • Don't like, skip over it. Not too hard to do. Boy, some people are jealous and petty

    • To be fair, the fellow's quite photogenic. Just be grateful you're not being hit with a video-clip of him going on and on stream of consciousness style, piling one platitude on top of another and saying absolutely nothing of substance.

      Reason # 259 why the Liberals need a policy convention: so they can give Justin Trudeau some talking points instead of letting him ramble on about whatever pops into his head.

      • Yup, it's sure better to train a guy to not think and only refer to PM approved talking points like a puppet.

    • It's not a serious blog, it's about parties and glamour. Plus it's not like he didn't include pictures of a bunch of staffers no one's heard of. Compared to them, Trudeau is well known.

  2. Why do you always pick the same guys over and over again? Bias against women, seriously.

  3. Bias against plain and homely guys.

  4. No one wants to look at ugly people. Adam Goldenburg is dreamy.

    • Seriously? He's quite creepy.

  5. An occasional picture of PET's sprog would be one thing.

    The fact that virtually every edition of the magazine and most editions of the Capital Diary feel the need to include this obscure backbench MP of no particular accomplishment is noteworthy for its silliness.

    But I can name you several young and attractive backbenchers – and even front benchers – from all parties that don't get a feaction of the attention paid to this one young man who, although doubtless dreamy and probably very nice, is still a backbench MP of no particular note. Nikki Ashton, for but one example, is quite attractive and has, I believe, the distinction of being the youngest serving MP. There are several quite attractive backbenchers on the government benches and in the Bloq. Hell, there are even a few Liberal MPs who may not be a complete waste of time.

  6. I am guessing that the reason he keeps popping up is because people are interested in him… that drives hits to the website. This is about commerce too, giving people what they're interested in.

  7. I demand pictures of food!

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