Liberals in favour of the HST -

Liberals in favour of the HST

Ignatieff says his party will support bill to harmonize taxes in Ontario, B.C.


Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says his party will support the government’s proposed legislation allowing provinces to harmonize their sales tax with the federal GST. The move risks alienating consumers, as it will increase the price of some goods that were previously exempt from provincial sales tax. The National Citizens Coalition says this could cost taxpayers up to $1,000 a year. However, not supporting the bill would anger the B.C. and Ontario governments, who want to harmonize taxes in order to increase economic efficiency and cut down on red tape for businesses. The Bloc Québécois will also support the bill, while the NDP is planning to oppose the government.


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Liberals in favour of the HST

  1. Oh Happy Day!

  2. An obvious decision. The only decision really. And absolutely the right decision. Nobody can possibly criticize him for it, because it is perfectly consistent with 15 years of Liberal policy, and also perfectly consistent with the intentions of the two Liberal premiers involved. And yet Ignatieff still managed to make himself look like a foot-dragging, indecisive waffler. Donolo cannot rescue this poor chap. Nobody can.

  3. Of course the NDP would oppose the HST as they know next to nothing about finances and have absolutely no consideration for big or small business who provide the jobs.

  4. Where did all the hyperbole police go?

  5. Unlike Jack Layton it would appear that Mr. Ignatieff prefers to read the actual legislation before either supporting or opposing it. In view of Harpers' known history of trying to hide mines in legislation it is also a prudent approach. It is one thing to support an idea (HST) in principle but it is another matter entirely to vote for or against a specific piece of legislation. If I were Mr. Ignatieff (or any other Canadian for that matter) I would go over any piece of legislation with a fine toothed comb. It is simply a matter of trust: I have none at all for our current government.

  6. Yes it is kind of strange not having the usual choir singing the praises of the wise and benevolent chairman Harper!!!

  7. They're busy investigating the stolen climate-change emails.

  8. who would imagine the ndp being the anti-tax party !! if they were in power you can guarantee your taxes will go up

  9. Goes to show that there really is NO difference between Harper and Ignatieff—just the usual war as to who has the right to sit on the throne. The priviledged "princes" with BIG egos that know nothing about the reality of living in Canada. Neither cares to protect the slaves that do the work, just the businesses so the foreign investors can make bigger profits at the expense of the citizens. Just tax the citizens more and more so the "princes" will have more and more money to play their decadent games. Returning to feudalism ? ?

  10. Interesting
    We live in a democracy yet many people talk as though it's Us against Them or vice versa.
    Where did everyone think the money was coming from to counteract the deficit? Print more money maybe? (btw, bonds may not be the place to invest what little you have left after all this).
    The same issues came to light with the implementation of GST. Then it was reduced and everyone was amazed and delighted…except that lost taxes equals lost revenue, regardless where the money is spent. Now we have multitudes of people who will be going off EI in the next year or so (or already have) and have no choice but to apply for welfare…people who were making 6 figures will be heading to the food bank. It won't be the first time, it happened around 20 years ago and probably many times before that in a pattern of want, got, oops, lost.
    If one feels that a plan won't work and takes this much effort to trash it then one should have an alternative plan to offer because 'no plan' is not an option.