Liberals pull ahead in Quebec

Leadership debate proves fruitful for Jean Charest’s beleaguered Liberal party in Quebec


Paul Chiasson/CP Images

The Quebec Liberals have once again taken a lead on the Parti Quebecois, according to a poll conducted for the National Post this week.

While previous surveys showed the Parti Quebecois in a slight lead over the Liberals, Jean Charest has seen a sudden upswing in support since this weekend’s leadership debate.

The Liberals now appear to have 35% support, more than four points higher than last week’s polls show, while the PQ now are polling at 29% support.

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Liberals pull ahead in Quebec

  1. it would be more comforting to get the same results from leger – then we could breath a bit easier.

  2. Anything but the Liberals please. Even PQ is much better !

      • Oh come on! The PQ are not racists per say, much less dangerous, they are only taking a political advantage about a population that is unfortunately not respected by some of the local anglophone community, mostly shop owners not decent enough to respect their clientele who speaks French. If people were using more common sense, being more polite and civilized with other human beings, you wouldn’t hear any fear of racism around. As far as I know, nobody got hanged or killed for speaking English in Canada, but we couldn’t make the same statement for French. The racism fear is being fed by some locals who are not fair about the situation and by some Canadians who have never visited Quebec and talk through their hat.

        • …and their attitude to visible minorities? How does this play into you English shopkeepers narrative?

        • They’re racist. They want to make it so only people with good-enough french can run for office. This includes the natives who were in Quebec long before the French showed up. Racist. They also want to make it illegal to speak something other than French in any workplace, at anytime, anyhow, anywhere. Racist.

          • English is a universal language, so, how can one get around the world and manage, by speaking french only?. Even P. Marois, she would’nt be where she is now, if she had’nt spoken English. What a hypocrite!

  3. …I watched the debate… (two hours)… TWICE!… Fascinating!

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