Liberals re-jig for political comeback at Ottawa convention

Highlights included a new president, changes in the party structure, and a pledge to legalize pot


More than 3,000 delegates gathered in Ottawa this weekend for a Liberal Party convention that was billed as critical to the re-positioning of the party after its worst-ever showing in a federal election last year. Among the key changes brought forward during the convention was the decision to allow non-card carrying “supporters” of the Liberal party to participate in leadership votes. Interim leader Bob Rae said this was the most important resolution of the convention. “We’ve opened up the party,” said Rae, quoted by the Toronto Star. “There’s no comparison with either the NDP or the Conservatives.” Liberals also elected Mike Crawley, a 42-year-old businessman and former head of the Ontario Liberals, as the new party president. He beat out Sheila Copps, a Chretien-era cabinet minister who was portrayed by many to be a member of the party’s old guard. There was also a much-discussed resolution to support the legalization of marijuana, which passed with support from more than three quarters of the delegates. “Let’s face up to it, Canada—the war on drugs has been a complete bust,” said Rae to a standing ovation, the Star reported.

The Toronto Star

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Liberals re-jig for political comeback at Ottawa convention

  1. Big deal! The Liberals have to decide what kind of party are they. Are they for more government or less government? Do they try to appeal more to the west and rural areas by endorsing the gun registry and the Keyston pipeline? Or do they try to increase their standing by stealing the green vote and emphasizing positions that play well largely in Quebec and urban Ontario? The Liberals have to finally decide what they stand for. No more wishy washy platforms.

  2. It is a start, and perhaps an idea to pursue. Get all of the old housekeeping issues determined, decisions that should have been made 40 years ago is a good start. Load a basic platform that reduces these old unsubstantiated persecutions like marijuana laws.

    Once you have most of the antiquated oppression addressed, build a simple platform that can be managed to reduce debt.

    It is clear from current conservative governance they are incapable of managing a government in a responsible manner, the F35 fiasco alone shows their business sense.

    And although I am not a liberal supporter, get yer butts back into the race. But … Bob Rae? Come on! Preston Manning has more credibility than Bob.

    And yes, keep Igantieff (sp?) close, you will need someone that actually has the skills to run a government once whatever poster-boy you choose wins an election.

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