Liberals take back bar!


A Liberal group called “The League of Former Hill Staffers” recently organized a “take back D’arcy McGee’s night.” Darcy’s is the Ottawa pub that was once packed with politicos on Wednesday nights. When the Conservatives first took power, the crowd was mixed for a while. Then the Liberals bailed and the Conservative presence fizzled. The “Take Back” was packed. (Left to right) Cape Breton MP Mark Eyking, Montreal MP Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party Whip Rodger Cuzner.


La Presse reporter Hugo De Grandpré (left) and Quebec Liberal MP Alexandra Mendès.


Iggy’s Toronto speech played live in the background.


Jay Paxton, Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s press secretary, found the place a little too packed.


Iggy staffer Trevor Harrison.


Former Jean Chrétien-era cabinet minister Don Boudria.


Young Liberal Scott Bedard.


The event was organized by former Hill staffers. Greg MacEachern of Summa Strategies (and Belinda Stronach’s former aide) was one of the them.


MacEachern with (clockwise) the other organizers: Karine Cousineau (Summa Strategies), Meagan Rapley (Grey, Clark, Shih and Associates) and Greg MacNeil (Fleishman-Hillard).


Adam Miron, a young Liberal mover and shaker.


Jay Strauss, former Electronic Information Director for Paul Martin, now with Sustainable Technology Development Canada.


Louis-Alexandre Lanthier, Justin Trudeau’s aide, with Renée Filiatrault.


Environmentalist Jeff Beyer.



Liberals take back bar!

  1. Organized by young Lib lobbyists. Future’s so bright gotta wear shades.

  2. Did Cuzner and Eyking stop traffic to help the little, lost Trudeau make it safely home?

    • good one!

  3. It is no longer if the Liberals will take power once again, the talk is now how soon.
    Places like steel producing, automaker-dependent Hamilton, Ontario are dying and out-of-touch Harper is giving strong economic speeches. He should get out of the palace on occasion and see the real world around him.

    • Automaker dependent Ontario is dying? Do you promise?

      Cause I’d rather have something new and productive (perhaps new auto manufacturing companies) buy up the bankrupt bones of the useless domestic car companies and build something new and financially successful with it.

  4. It’s good to see the lib’s taking something back because aside from the usual hyper partisans the likelihood of taking back power is about as high as that of the amount of real justice coming from the Oliphant Inquiry – considering all the bad news the PM has to wear the LPC numbers should be way higher in the polls than they are. Nope just dreaming as usual when it comes to this subject.. If you have any arguments with this point out the 40 seats in play right now or possibly in the fall (oops forgot there might be no election then if the NDP and or the BLOC don’t want to play) – then say the spring (nope that won’t work either as economy might pick up y by then and the Olympics happen not to mention troops getting ready to come home – maybe the year after or after that!

    • It will be a long, long time before Liberals will regain power of this country. I’m not surprised that all these people can do right now is drown their sorrows. Old Iffy Iggy has got way too much baggage and has a nasty habit of saying one thing to one group and the total opposite to another. One look at the guy’s face and you can see total disdain for anyone he deems beneath him (which is everyone) and that will show loud and clear in any election campaign.

      • Saying one thing to one group or in private, and something else later? Or saying something new about say, the economy, every couple of weeks?

        Leasa, if that is the standard you are judging the Liberal leader by, Stephen Harper doesn’t fare very well by the same one.

    • 400 days, plus or minus 60. By about June of next year we’ll have a new (albeit minority) Lib government. Get ready for PM Iggy.

  5. And on the third decade he rose from the dead and came to become the King of the lost multitude.

    And his word became the mantra of those who’s hope was gone.

    And they celebrated.And they drank.

    Each knowing the King would reward all of those that remained faithful.

  6. Wow, the Cons seem super-sensitive about a bunch of Liberals gathering in a bar. Nervous much?

    I also notice that they are refraining from commenting on Minister Raitt’s pyjama party…

  7. I guess the Young Liberals are ready for their lessons in corruption. Bring in the old dogs from the Liberal Party who really know how steal from taxpayers, and pass it along to the next generation.

    So sweet.

    • Heartily ironic coming as it does at the start of Mulroney’s corruption inquiry!

    • So bitter. Get over it, the Liberals did some great things while in power. At least they left the country well off. Can’t say the same for this current bunch of wackos.

  8. Wanker patrol’s looking for some new recruits. I hope they hooked up!

    Now that the Cons are spending like Liberals they all have reason to smile!

  9. Is Justin Trudeau at every party in Ottawa? Must he always have the same smile at every event? Sigh.

    • A Trudeau who likes to party? Now I’ve seen everything!

  10. I see binder boy Boudria was there.looked a bit out of it as usual.Guess he misses sheila and his binders.

  11. This is news because?
    Well there is one thing at least. We get a good look at these young over privileged wankers.Does anybody really want these “I’m so much better than you” SOB’s having a say in how you live your life.
    I wonder if any of them has actually held a job or had to worry about paying the rent or the hydro bill.
    I doubt it. Soon though, they may be telling you that you are not giving up enough of your pay and you must give more in taxes. Yet they will spend personally (with our money) two to three times what you make in a year on office expenses.
    A pox on all their houses.

  12. I am the only one who noticed they’re all white?

    • And overwhelmingly male and pretty, too.

      No reason to worry or celebrate, though. These photos aren’t a very good gage of the actual demographics of the room. They just reflect the photographer’s personal taste.

      • You’re most likely absolutely right!!!!
        He does.

  13. Darcys’ back?

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