Liberals take to the airwaves -

Liberals take to the airwaves

Attack ad calls prorogation Harper’s “holiday gift to himself”


The Liberals have launched an attack ad campaign against the prime minister’s decision to suspend parliament until March 3. The ads—two in English and one in French—were launched on the web this Sunday, and will be running in newspapers and on radio and television beginning Monday. According to the Liberals, Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue parliament was made in a bid to avoid answering tough questions about climate change, unemployment, and the abuse of Afghan detainees. One of the spots features a blue sign with Harper’s signature that says “Parliament Hill: Closed out of self-interest.” Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says his party gets “a strong sense that Canadians don’t like this. And they don’t think the Prime Minster should control when Parliament sits.”

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Liberals take to the airwaves

  1. I'd much rather see the Liberals (and all the other parties) push this issue using positive messaging rather than negative. Agreeing to go to work on Jan. 25th is a good start, but I think it should be about more than committees and working groups – our elected representatives should go sit in the house, and go about the business of creating policy. The speaker should be sitting, the Question Period cameras should be rolling, and our MPs should meet with media to discuss the progress they are making. If the conservatives don't want to be there doing productive work, then it's their choice to delegitimize their own government.

  2. For older Canadians who have lived under many Liberal Prime Ministers this is really the biggest hypocrisy they are trying to foist on us.The Liberals during their years in power used every dirty trick in the books.Look how they got Iffy deep sixed poor old Dion and left him with a mountain of debt.If anything This may work against them should the NDP and the Bloc stay in their riding's for the extra 22 days proroguing keeps the parliament out.During the Olympics the attention will not be on the Liberals returning to Ottawa.Layton is so much smarter than Iggy he will keep his folks in their riding's.He will point out how returning to Ottawa will accomplish nothing but his caucus can do much better in their riding's talking with the voters.This could back far so much on the Liberals for this charade they could end up in third place in the next election.Be smart Jack don"t support their stupid moves.Some voters are upset with Harper but he will always maintain about a 35% base.This could give you the biggest opportunity you have had to be opposition and the Liberals will be finished

  3. i am tired of all the mud slinging , ads and all the rest. why cant the parties just try to govern and get the country out of the mess we are in. if they don't stop all the bs then no one will be interested in voting any way grow up your worsethan kids.

  4. This issue exists only in the tiny minds of CBC management, hellbent on trying to create a sporty new CNN-like image by having their totally irrelevant and unremarkable Peter, "the still bald and tired looking" Mansbridge talk faster. Really, is anything this public welfare recipient has to say about anything relevant?

  5. Turf out harper!

    Harper is a Joke!

    Joke joke joke joke joke joke

    he will never get a majority

    oh what a joke he is

    Jason kenny for pm

    harper is a joke!