Liberals to defy prorogation -

Liberals to defy prorogation

Opposition won’t let Harper take a break from the issues


Parliament may not be in session during the last week of January, but Liberal MPs will be in the House—or at least nearby. In a show of defiance of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue parliament until after the Olympics, the Liberals have announced they’ll show up to work anyway on Jan. 25, when parliament was originally scheduled to resume. The intention, they say, is to keep the spotlight on politics. According to Toronto Centre MP Bob Rae, “[Harper] can’t shut down the issues. He can’t stop people from asking questions about the Afghan detainee issue. He can’t stop people from asking questions about the budget. He can’t stop people from talking about politics.” Still, it remains to be seen how, exactly Liberal MPs plan to spent their time as their will be no Parliamentary sessions or committee meetings to attend.

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Liberals to defy prorogation

  1. Look at us! We're at work! Signing up friends to our cool new Facebook group!

    • The problem is that the liberals and the rest of the opposition have been dealing with harper as if he were an honorable opponent who, setting philosophical differences aside, shares certain basic democratic values that are common to all Canadians. He does not. He is not an opponent he is an ennemy. He is not to be opposed he is to be destroyed by whatever means are necessary. He and his party are ennemies of democracy and freedom and must be treated as such. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  2. @Dakota:

    This is a good start. We need to make sure that the Liberals don't use this for their own political ends, we need to keep the pressure on them and all political parties and demand government accountability.

    • … "and demand government accountability"

      and demanding government accountability you'll be able to do…beginning March 3rd

  3. QP will be a hoot! lol

    • Actually the problems the liberals have is the embarassment of riches provided by what is beyond doubt the most arrogant and incompetant government we have ever had.

  4. Harper should not be allowed to get away with this!

    In a minority government, he suspends the democratic process when ever it's convenient to him! The first time was for no good reason. He was passing all major legislation in parliament, and Liberals were later criticized for having voted with him on everything anyway!

    This time? The Liberals are smart enough not to force a vote prior to or during Olympics! He just wants to avoid any real discussion.

    How did we let Harper get away with suspending parliament the first time?
    How did we let Harper get away with an not seeing the recession?
    With an unpredicted $50 Billion + deficit??

    Harper may be the most dishonest PM we've ever had. Period.
    Either that or he's just plain dumb, not understanding the basics of economics or government!

    … then again, he did drop out of economics the first time around at the University of Toronto!

    Then again, we wouldn't want to vote for Iggy, being a well travelled Harvard prof and actually intelligent makes him a bad choice because…? ? not cool enough? ?

    • Well it appears this time he has travelled to the south of France(a real hotbed of importance to Canadians). No wonder Harper can get away with anything. It's all too obvious to most Canadians that Iggy has no stomach for, or interest in, Canadian politics or anything Canadian for that matter. "Think I'm sticking around dreary, freezing cold Ottawa in Dec./Jan? I'm going to France!" It's gotten to the point where even Peter Stauffer(the politest politican in Ottawa) is raking him over the coals for his total disingagement.

  5. Most people would get fired for spending all day on Facebook while at work.

  6. I'm proud that one of our leaders has decided to stand up to the Prime Minister and report to work. After all, that's what we're paying them to do. If the Prime Minister really wants a vacation so badly, let him take one but don't shut the whole system of government down. Harper needs to grow up or get out.

  7. If only some of the facebook group members would show up as well on the 25th, actually how about right now?

  8. You are all a bunch of adolescents. Grow up and start over, in about 10, maybe 15 years.

  9. Let me see first Iggy puts Stevie on a tight leash .. then he puts him on probation … then he demands report cards … then your time is up etc et all .. now he is going to stand outside the house stamping his feet in the cold demanding to be let in so he can do more of same …. Why on earth are liberals putting up with this guy as the only thing he is achieving right now is a conservartive majority come next election because can anyone imagine how he is going to support the gov't on the confidence motion coming up as the throne speech is a confidence motion – so Iggy the only real question remains = outside of trying to talk big and stuff both feet in your mouth ARE you going to try to force an election? everything else is white noise andf irrelevant

  10. Right. And you're time is up…do as we say (not as we do) or we will throw you out. I thought just maybe My Iffy, you would have at least one new thought, seeing we've begun a new year, but I guess not. Thank goodness Mr.Harper is listening to Canadians, rather than the opposition or the media.

    • "listening to Canadians, rather than the opposition"…
      Last I checked, the opposition represented the majority of Canadians.

  11. Balanced….. erudite…… comprehensive…..

    Did you make a New Years resolution?

  12. It's one thing to be thought a dim wit…your comments declare that a fact!

  13. I agree that MI's tough talk has been a lot of hot air. SH has continually out foxed him and I for one, would welcome an election. Make conduct and accountability key issues and if the Conservatives win a majority, let them finally be accountable for what happens on their watch. No more free lunches on "Adscam", no more "the coalition made us do it", no more "it's impossible to effectively govern with the Liberals….blahblahblah" No excuses – get the job done

    This lot is no better than the ones they've sworn to banish forever.

    What did OLO Harper have to say when Chretien prorogued Parliament?

    The Government will prorogue the house so that it will not be held accountable for it's shameful record

    A sh*t sandwich is a sh*t sandwich no matter who serves it up.

    Enjoy your meal

  14. In the unfortunate event of a conservative majority there ain't no way we're gonna see anything resembling accountability.

  15. "Thank goodness Mr.Harper is listening to Canadians, rather than the opposition or the media. "

    Really? Knowing that he can get away with ignoring democracy, again, does not equate to Harper "listening" to Canadians
    You think that if he really cared about what Canadians thought, he'd represent them in a democratic arena

  16. This should be a golden opportunity for Michael Ignatieff, let's see if he can capitalize on it. This country truly needs a leader in the worst way.

    • We already have one, and people keep electing him. Cheers

  17. exactly

    When it comes down to it, SH is no different than Mulroney or Chretien, and 5 years of "accountable" government will make it plain for all to see – remember Mike Harris? I do

    "We must clean up corruption and lift up the veils of secrecy that have allowed it to flourish, (we will) replace the culture of entitlement with a culture of accountability."

    Stephen Harper, November 2005

    Does he walk the walk?

    • Impressive you have already confirmed your judgement on his "accountability" without having to wait for actual evidence.

      Politicians appeal to parts of our society, are you one of those individuals who believe every word and action and become suprised and outraged when they flip flop, change their mind on a policy or position?

      Did you graduate from the Jean Chretien school of a proof is a proof?

      With that said, all politicians act the same way and voters will decided when their "Time Is Up!"

      Oh yeah: not an interloper who could not be bothered in Canada for 34 years. (Just Visiting)

      Politicians are not going to protect their turf and hold on power: Bet on it.

  18. Mr Harper is exploiting the apathetic indifference of Canadian voters – and if we go to an election and the Conservatives win a majority – let him get to work without excuses. If he does a good job- I'll vote for a second term
    But you know, he's already been in power since 2006 and I've seen a lot of obfuscation and finger pointing, but not a helluva lot of real accountability

  19. Great go for it ….. put one of those life size posters where the eyes follow you in PM's and appropriate ministers chairs and throw questions at them and get some dummies to say sorry I would like to answer that but we out on our second annual taxpayer extended Christmas vacation, but we will appoint 5 new Senators and continue to spend money like a bunch of drunken cowboys home from the range.

  20. Oh bullshit Dirk.If you believe all that, then you deserve Iggy as your leader! oh Hey, remember how mad the Liberals got when Scott Brison linked that stuff about Income Trusts to his buddy at the banks? Remember how Brison resigned?

    Me neither. Because it didn't happen. Again the Liberals are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill because they have no ideas or positive vision for Canada

  21. Hey, remember how mad the Liberals got when Scott Brison linked that stuff about Income Trusts to his buddy at the banks? Remember how Brison resigned?

    Me neither. Because it didn't happen. Again the Liberals are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill because they have no ideas or positive vision for Canada

  22. I just don't understand why Liberals keep that Detainees issue for, it is a old story, and not sexy.
    Economy, tax ,health care ,these are issues.

  23. LOL from him? as a leader, are you kidding me? omg! frightful to think he would/could lead Canada in anything

  24. Most people would get fired for taking an extended holiday to watch the Olympics.

  25. . Cancelling the Sea King replacement
    2. Sponsorship scandal
    3. Gun Registry
    4. HRDC boondoggle
    5. Problems with Transition Job Funds program
    6. Tainted blood
    7. Radwanski Spending Affair
    8. Pearson Airport
    9. GST Flip Flop
    10. Airbus Investigation
    11. Voting against Red Book promise of independent Ethics Commissioner
    12. Irving fishing lodge stays/travel on Irving jets for cabinet ministers
    13. Martin traveling on private corporate jets as Finance Minister
    14. Don Boudria's stay at Boulay owned chalet
    15. Denis Coderre staying with Boulay
    16. Alfonso Gagliano being appointed Ambassador to Denmark
    17. Shawinigate
    18. Claude Gauthier (PM's friend)'s Transelec getting CIDA grant that was questioned by the Auditor General and even CIDA.
    19. Liberal fundraiser Pierre Corbeil charged with fraud by RCMP after he approached several Quebec companies seeking federal job training grants and asking for payments to Liberal Party, having gotten the names from senior Quebec Liberal Minister, Marcel Massé.
    20. Michel Dupuy, Heritage Minister, lobbying the CRTC
    There are you liberals in action!!

  26. Well, unlike the Conservatives, Liberals can do more than one thing at a time.

    And "sexy"? Mandy are you actually Lisa Raitt?

  27. "remember Mike Harris?"

    You mean the guy who didn't run Ontario's manufacturing sector into the ground and who didn't have a $25 billion deficit. How did we survive?

  28. And Chretien never prorogued out of fear of parliament. Only Harper runs scared like that

  29. I don't get it either Mandy, its found to be a liberal trait, whine and hope that the public will be on board.So far, this has not happened, not at all.

  30. Keep it up! Only 4 years in, and minority government's the whole time, but Harper's clearly on the right track to matching, perhaps even surpassing the Liberals awfulness!

  31. heh.

  32. Still, it remains to be seen how, exactly Liberal MPs plan to spent their time as their will be no Parliamentary sessions or committee meetings to attend.

    So, the opposition shows up, and there are no Conservative members in the committee rooms? Sounds like business as usual.

  33. Ah…. the Liberals are/were worse. OK.

    The Common Sense Revolution was a success? Well, it was a good cookbook…. Yes we survived and we will survive Dalton, Stephen and anyone else that comes along
    I am not here to unwaveringly defend all things liberal. I expect Dalton will pay the price at the polls; I know Mike Harris did.
    But that accountability thingy??? Stephen Harper has been in power since 2006, and it's still everyone else's fault?
    Oh yeah… me, the Liberals are worse

    • When did Mike Harris pay the price? He won to back to back majorities. It was Red Ernie that gave the keys away to Dalton.

      • Mike Harris = Conservative Party
        Ernie Eves = fall guy

        Brian Mulroney = Conservatives
        Kim Campbell = fall "guy"

  34. How did we let Harper get away with suspending parliament the first time?

    Not enough money raised by the Liberals last time to force an election.

  35. I wonder if facebook has paid promotional consideration to the Liberal Party of Canada!

  36. They can show up all their want, but the doors will be closed and the lights in the building off – even I could draw that political cartoon! This is just the stupidest suggestion that the Liberals have ever made. They need to take this time to actually develop some solid policies that ring true with Canadians and then when Parliament resumes and the budget is released, they can critic the budget on the basis of actual policies rather than just 'off the top of their heads.' The LPC needs to take itself seriously and these kind of stunts is not the way to do it.

  37. And your point is what? Remember that Chretien had solid majorities and 100% control of the agenda. And how many times did Chretien take Canada to the polls way before his mandate was up?

    Its called political games and clearly the LPC is upset that the Conservatives can play them as well as the Liberals.

  38. The Liberals are so pathetic. They think they finally have an issue that will turn their fortunes around. Not surprisingly, they are wrong again. Only Liberals care about proroguing Parliament, nobody else. Just like the average Canadian doesn't give a hoot about Afghan detainees.

    In the meantime go stamp your feet in front of the Parliament Building like spoiled children. That will help your image.

    No wonder Canadians dismiss Ignatieff.

  39. There's a $50 Billion Deficit that, expressed in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the lowest in the industrial world. Had the liberals implemented their EI reforms, bailed out the automobile industry and pursued the green shift and thus gutted the oil sands in Alberta and deprived Canada of Billions of dollars in income tax, petroleum taxes and GST revenues, would have been much much worse.

    There's the federal recession that would have been worse without the economic stimulus provided by GST cuts over the previous two years. Our recession is far less severe than the United States and the rest of the industrialized world, a testament to the shrewd economic stewardship of Stephen Harper and his economic team.

    There's Harper dropping out of the University of Toronto to attend a superior school, the University of Calgary at a time when Calgary, freed from the shackles of the failed Liberal National Energy Program, saw Alberta more than double its Gross Domestic Product, it's population and saw a mass exodus of corporate head offices away from Toronto to Calgary. He knew that he had to be where the action was!

    There's John McCallum who has scared off countless billions in investment in Canada and the Oil Sands of Alberta by his dire, partisan and irresponsible predictions of economic collapse and dependence on so called "dirty oil" – "Alberta may spew green house gases, but it also spews money" – Montreal Gazzette, December 2009.

    Beside Stephen Harper, we have John Baird, Jim Flaherty, Jim Prentice and Stockwell Day – each and every one leaders in every respect.

    My Prime Minster has never physically choked a protester like Jean Chretien in 1996. No Conservative party organizer has been convicted of fraud, theft or influence peddling like Liberals in the Province of Quebec.

    $50 Billion dollars a year is the lowest deficit when expressed to GDP than any other industrial nation in the world. The Liberals demanded even more spending – thus the deficit would have been worse under their care and attention, and Canadians may never have known how much money ended up in Liberal Party coffers instead of being used for the national good as they have done it before.

  40. I cansee it now, Iggy will ask a ridiculous closed end questions and run around to the government side and puff out his chest and imitate the Prime Minister…… sadly, as close as he will ever get

  41. This will be very difficult for the Liberals to pull off, without looking politically tone deaf at best, or mor likely, rediculously hypocritical and churlish.

    Staging a faux parliament sitting, will provide for a good photo op for the first few minutes, but then the weight of reality will start to set in. Pretend debates can only last so long, and soon we'll start to see them disband.

    Images of these brave noble warriors sitting in Ottawa cafes, or back home with family and friends, will become common place.

    The dichotomy between the attempted image of workmanlike, non partisan servants of the people,


    self indulgent politcally obssessed hyperpartisans

    laid bare for all Canadians to see.

  42. "all they have"?

    there's still that $50 Billion deficit Harper apparently didn't see coming
    there's the federal recession Harper denied all last election – only to have Bank of Canada announce months later
    there's Harper Dropping Out of U of T economics
    there's McCallum, a Liberal MP, former Royal Bank Chief economist – they all saw the recession coming, strong team
    who's #2 in CONservative camp? Goolge Tom Lukiwski 's You Tube Video

    The Conservative's have had more lies, scandals etc. than a decade + of Liberals, only difference? The CONservative's incompetence apparently costs us $50 Billion a year!

  43. Please check your spelling: their or there

  44. How many days have these CON CLOWNS show up for work

    Prorogations in perspective: Harper vs. Chrétien

    Stephen Harper's 63 day shutdown of Parliamentary activity brings his total to 148 days over just four years in office, eclipsing Jean Chrétien's 145 days of prorogation over ten full years.

    Jean Chrétien's total includes the only longer prorogation in recent history – 82 days from November 12, 2003 to February 2, 2004 – to allow for the transition between the Chrétien and Martin governments.

    Other recent prorogations:
    • 63 days: Stephen Harper, December 30, 2009 to March 3, 2010
    • 53 days: Stephen Harper, December 4, 2008 to January 26, 2009
    • 32 days: Stephen Harper, September 14 to October 16, 2007
    • 25 days: Jean Chrétien, February 2 to February 27, 1996
    • 24 days: Jean Chrétien, September 18 to October 12, 1999
    • 14 days: Jean Chrétien, September 16 to September 30, 2002

    source: Liberal Party of Canada website

    • Jean Chrétien's total includes the only longer prorogation in recent history – 82 days from November 12, 2003 to February 2, 2004 – to allow for the transition between the Chrétien and Martin governments.

      Transition( guffaw)
      Is that what you call it now, it has nothing to do with a certain scam! please we are not idiots!

    • Parliament has been prorogued more than 100 times in Canada's 143 year history. The last two Liberal Messiah's, Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien did it a combined 12 times (8 for Trudeau and 4 for Chretien). The Liberal media seems stuck on Harper doing it twice in just over a year, yet they continually fail to point out that Chretien did the same in September 2002 and November 2003.

      All those claiming this was a move that a dictator would make seem to forget that the Governor General could have refused Mr. Harper's request to proroge. She did not. Harper did was he was required to do by the Constitution: Seek the GG's approval. Nowhere does it say he must get the approval of the opposition parties.

  45. This will bite them in the ass if the new or old media follows this in any meaningful way .

  46. I don't know about BOOB Rae or any of the rest of you sorry liberals but i wasn't feeling sorry for Afgan detaines when i watched our Canadian heros being taken of that plane in box's so the liberals can go ahead and have some sort of circle jeck about some sorry SOB getting hit with a shoe or what ever, while the rest of us true proud and free Canadians mourn for our latest great lose.Most right minded Canadians really don't give a dam and the rest sign some face book page.

  47. "it is a[n] old story, and not sexy. Economy, tax ,health care ,these are issues. "

    Should cancer also be on that list of sexy things?

  48. On the topic of spoiled children Fred, did you get a chance to read Rick Mercer's take on the whole thing; 'Proroguing is for children (and Stephen Harper)'? I do understand that in order to get a paper copy of the Globe and Mail you'd probably have to drive into Ontario, but here's a link to the Globe's website

  49. He's with the CBC- I dont even need to read it.

    Please sir, may we have more- money that is.

    • but one of the few that could make more money elsewhere

  50. I have.I also have family in Afghanistan right now, and we talk in coffee shops about detainees,.We are not all conservatives, as you know. But we didnt give damn about a detainee in 05/06.

  51. Says everything about Iffy et al. They can't come up with an original, constructive idea to save their skin…that doesn't bode well for anyone even tempted to consider casting a vote in their favour

  52. "Still, it remains to be seen how exactly Liberal MPs plan to spent their time". Easy, they will back off at the last minute and move on to another press op.

  53. At this point, all Ignatieff would have to do is open up the front doors of the parliament buildings and he'd be a step up

    • Oh I think not.Sorry.It will never happen.

  54. EX-Pat you couldn't be more wrong. Canadians, ordinary Canadians, the kind who talk things over in coffe shops do give a damn about our troop losses,AND about treating enemies fairly. Also, they do give a damn about parliament being shut down on a flimsy excuse. I gather you haven't talked to any lately.

  55. "self indulgent politcally obssessed hyperpartisans

    laid bare for all Canadians to see"

    The irony is staggering

  56. Can't we just all agree that "Eh! Oh! Canada Go!" is an embarrassing, if not insulting cheer?
    They have almost 44,000 members

  57. Useless, that is.

  58. "It is a tale … full of sound and fury; signifying nothing.” as with the left wing rants of the Toronto Star!

  59. Folks, you all remain frozen in sophomoronia. And all about prorogation, for heaven's sake! Find an issue and bring the government down if you think they are so awful. This will never happen, because you anti-Harper airheads are just like those actually in parliament.

  60. maybe they could work on coming up with some policy ideas. That would be a good start.

  61. Why is it that every Tom, Dick and Harry have to have a superior sounding opinion to everything? As far as I'm concerned, all you plebs should not even have your 'right' to 'vote', regardless on whether your blue or red. The fact of the matter is that none of you really know what you are talking about and, believe it or not, actually know a hell of a lot less then those in charge and in-the-know. So stop your incessant whinning and get back to work. The whole point of having the government's level of power IS to try to do whatever the hell you want. Not that you inferior being will ever realize than in your miserable lives.