Liberals walk out on House vote

Boycott targets unilingual auditor general candidate


Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae and his party’s MPs walked out on a Commons vote that approved Michael Ferguson, who does not speak French, to serve as Canada’s new a auditor general. “Officers of the Parliament of Canada should be able to function in both official languages,” Rae told reporters. NDP MPs, who opposed the resolution, remained seated. The resolution passed by a vote of 153 to 94.

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Liberals walk out on House vote

  1. Good for them.  Any job posting in public service clearly indicates the level of English and French proficiency required, along with position-specific job requirements.  If you don’t meet the requirements, you don’t get the job.  It’s usually that simple.

    • Sorry, but a public service position can be bilingual but “non-imperative”, which means the winning candidate has a year to meet the bilingualism requirement. And that means even if he has to spend all of the first year on language training instead of his job to meet the level of bilingual proficiency asked for in the position. 

      I assume you have no problem with that, seeing as it is much more important that he improve his french rather than spend his time scouring the governments books.

      •  In case anyone thought electing a government found in contempt of parliament back with a majority was a good idea, here’s Bill C-10, Bill C-4, and now this guy.  Harper’s conservative government is showing an utter disrespect for the general spirit of Canada, and seeking to alter the face of a nation.

        Let’s remember they were originally found in contempt for not listing the prices of some fighter jets we TOTALLY had to get for peacekeeping, which we purchased from the failing and desperate American aerospace industry I’m sure at fair market rates.  This guy’s gonna ‘scour the books’?  Gimme a break, not on these guys watch.  That or he’s scouring off fingerprints.  Be realistic, we’ve got foxes in the henhouse.

      • Heh. Maybe that’s why they chose him.  “Never mind that $50 million, Mr. Ferguson.  You’ve got six weeks of immersion to complete!”

      • You are likely right about that briguyhfx…which means that the job of AG did not specifiy that the applicant had to be bilingual to get the job.   Apparently accounting skills topped language skills.

  2. Interim (thank God) Bob Rae has to have something to flounce about.

  3. The majority of Canadians are in agreement with our elected Conservative government.The NDP and Liberals are out of touch with reality and practicality.Suck it up buttercup.C’est le meilleur choix.

  4. Oh goody.  Stéphane Dion’s legacy of running behind the curtains for votes lives on.

  5. Why are we still arguing about this?  The haperites are in contempt of the law.  They a breaking the law again!!!  They are not tough of crime, they only obey the laws that are convenient for them.

    • Rae said “…should be able to function in both official languages.” That doesn’t sound like a law to me – a guideline perhaps, or possibly a “wish”? With two official languages we are going to accept that there will be people who only speak one of them (unless of course you’d like to make a law  that requires all citizens to speak both!).

      I wonder how many translators are employed by the government for that reason? 

      • So many extra translators the government will have to hire on our dime so that Mr. Ferguson can function in this position?  The last seven AGs were bilingual.

        • Oh I bet there are enough already currently employed…

        • We will need more now that this guy replaced Ms. Fraser

  6. The bottom line is there is no need for french in that job(AG).

    The Liberals still don’t understand how irrelevant they are.

  7. boo hoo

  8. Are the liberals still relevant ? If the liberal tree fell in the forest etc.

  9. I don’t care for the Harper Government and its “bully” tactics; however, I support them on their decision to hire someone, competent in Accounting and Auditing, regardless of the ability to speak French!

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