Liberals want a new food policy -

Liberals want a new food policy

Issue multi-million dollar plan to be funded by corporate taxes


Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is promising to put a new food policy on the table if elected as Prime Minister. The plan, announced at Holland Marsh, an agricultural area north of Toronto, is meant to beef up food safety while helping farmers and getting more healthy local food into Canadian stomachs. It calls for $50 million for food inspections, $80 million to promote farmers markets and $40 million to give low-income children access to health food. The scheme would be paid for by freezing corporate income taxes, saving the government up to $6 billion a year.

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Liberals want a new food policy

  1. Promoting safe and healthy food at the expense of corporations… nice to see the Liberals begin to identify themselves.

    In recent past, the Liberal stand of having no real position on anything was becoming, to say the least, annoying.

  2. Wow – what's not to like? I for one am glad to see the end of corporate tax cuts as a sacred cow.

    • Yeah – let's get rid of all the jobs in Canada so we can afford all the left-wing programs. Good grief.

  3. All this is Great as long as we don't end up with another marketing board….
    We have enough marketing boards screwing up free choice and market prices!
    Let Canadians be responsible for their decisions individually and as a nation.

  4. I like this policy; not bad Ignatieff. It could improve our food system. We need to get healthier as a nation.

  5. swingin' to the left

  6. And the gun registry under the liberals was going to cost how much?

  7. After getting a Big "F" on the health of our children…thumbs up !