Libyan plane crash kills more than 100 -

Libyan plane crash kills more than 100

One boy survives crash at Tripoli airport


More than 100 people are dead after a passenger plane crashed in Libya, according to officials in the capital of Tripoli, the BBC reports. An Airbus A330 crashed upon landing at the Tripoli airport after arriving from Johannesburg, leaving only one Dutch boy as the sole known survivor. Among those killed were 61 Dutch nationals, according to the Dutch tourism board, and 11 Libyan crew members. Victims were from Libya, Britain, Germany, Finland, Zimbabwe, the Philippines, South Africa and France, although numbers had not yet been released. The plane’s final destination was Tripoli, according to Afriqiyah Airways. A Dutch Foreign Ministry spokesman said the survivor was undergoing surgery in Tripoli for injuries including broken bones. The cause of the crash wasn’t known at the time of reporting, but some reports suggest it had crashed very close to the runway. A team of French crash investigators are expected in Tripoli to help Libyan officials look into it.

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