Libya's new leaders to investigate Gadhafi’s death -

Libya’s new leaders to investigate Gadhafi’s death

Former dictator was killed after being captured alive


Libya’s interim government has called for an investigation into how the country’s deposed leader Moammar Gadhafi, who was captured alive and later shot in the head, died. Others, including Christopher Hitchens, are already wondering whether he should have been tried instead. Gadhafi’s body lies in a cold storage room in Misrata, splayed out on a dirty mattress next to the corpses of his son and army chief.  Four days after the long-time dictator was killed, the line of curious onlookers hoping to catch a glimpse of his fast-decaying body has slowed. Guards Monday even closed  the compound to visitors for hours at a time. The controversy over Gadhafi’s death, however, promises to stretch on.

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Libya’s new leaders to investigate Gadhafi’s death

  1. NTC looking in to the murder of someone THEY wanted dead? Yeah, that seems fair.

  2. Hey, NTC, how ’bout a Gadaffi-ride theme-park?

    Just freeze-dry the body, and put it on a Merry-go-Round. Fun for the kiddies, and the whole family!

    We spent NATO-billions to ‘liberate’ Libya to this morally brain-damaged crew?