licentiousness under mao


“I forbid you to talk to Sunyun, or go to any dance party she invites you to. She’s only fifteen, but she already owns a digital watch. Her morals are definitely suspect… you must swear on Chairman Mao’s life  that you won’t speak to her again.”

From Ma Jian’s very good Beijing Coma

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licentiousness under mao

  1. I was going to make a crack about you know what they say about women who wear watches but then I remembered my mom’s story about her time at all- girls catholic school in 50’s and who was considered ‘good’ and ‘bad’ depended on what they did with their uniforms.

    It doesn’t take much to earn a reputation when you have to wear drab clothing all the time and try to assert your individuality.

    I recently finished reading June Chang’s Mao and I thought it was pretty good compared to the hagiographic books I have read about Mao in the past.

    For some reason, I have always assumed Mao had set up breeding camps like Hitler did but that does not appear to be the case. Mao seems to have hated families and sex, except for himself of course, and did everything he could to stop people from marrying, having children.

  2. I strongly suggest you read Red China Blues. Spectacular.

  3. I read RCB ages ago. I can’t stand Jan Wong, but it was a good read. Nothing like ratting out your roommate and getting her sent to the gulag. Nice work Jan!

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