Life of Yoo -

Life of Yoo


The NYT sunday magazine interview with John Yoo is one of the weirdest I’ve read.

Were you close to George Bush?

No, I’ve never met him. I don’t know Cheney either. I have not gone hunting with him, which is probably a good thing for me.

Weren’t you invited to the White House Christmas party during your two years at the Department of Justice?
I don’t think so. That’s the way the government works. There’s the attorney general, then the deputy attorney general and then an associate attorney general. Then there’s the assistant attorney general, who was the head of my office.

So you’re saying you were just one notch above an intern, you and Monica Lewinsky?
She was much closer to the president than I ever was.

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Life of Yoo

  1. agreed. this is odd too, no?

    You were born in South Korea and grew up in and around Philadelphia, the son of two doctors. What sort of doctors?

    What effect did that have on you?
    I hope none.

    Are they psychoanalysts?
    I couldn't tell you. I don't actually know that much about their work. I've never really been interested.

    A psychiatrist might say you are in denial.
    I deny that I am in denial.

  2. I would expect to see Woo on with either Jon Stewart or Colbert soon (if it hasnt already happened). He seems to be that rare combination of a far-right conservative with both a persecution complex and a sense of humor.

    That said, wouldn't you expect quirky quotes from someone selling a book?

    • You mean like "Yoo who" "Woo is me"

  3. Odd combo for a neo-con. The persecution complex is pretty much part of the definition for a Hayek libertarian-type, and while most don't have a sense of humour, some of them are kind of funny.

    There has to be a "To John Yoo . . ." joke in here somewhere.

  4. "Q. Do you regret writing the so-called torture memos, which claimed that President Bush was legally entitled to ignore laws prohibiting torture?
    A. No, I had to write them. It was my job. As a lawyer, I had a client. The client needed a legal question answered. "

    Why is it that lawyers are the only profession that can invariably get away with "I was just doing my job" as an excuse for unethical and immoral behaviour?

    • There's nothing unethical or immoral about researching the law and reporting it in a memo. Lawyers don't write the laws.

  5. It has to do with their hypocritic oath.

  6. Yoo on The Daily Show this coming Monday the 11th.

  7. When you say this "is one of the weirdest I've read", do you mean the weirdest interview you've ever read, the weirdest interview with John Yoo you've ever read, the weirdest NYT sunday magazine interview you've ever read, or the weirdest NYT sunday magazine interview with John Yoo you've ever read?