Light drinking might not be risky during pregnancy: report -

Light drinking might not be risky during pregnancy: report

One or two drinks a week don’t seem to harm the child


Doctors advise women to completely abstain from alcohol during pregnancy, but drinking one or two units of alcohol a week doesn’t appear to raise the risk of developmental problems in a child, according to a new study. Experts looked at more than 11,000 five-year-olds and found no evidence of harm, although more behavioural and emotional problems appeared among the children of heavy-drinking women. Alcohol consumed by a pregnant woman passes through the placenta and reaches the baby, who isn’t equipped to break it down. While heavy drinking has been known to casue damage, the effects of light drinking are less clear. The study was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

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Light drinking might not be risky during pregnancy: report

  1. I think the status quo should have stand on this one.Because even if light drinking will not hurt a fetus it would have been better if mothers continued believing it will and would therfore stay away from alchol period.But now with this revelation where do you draw the line.

  2. uhhh one or two drinks dont hurt baby.

    learn grammar, Macleans

  3. you seriously think this "news" should be let out among people who don't know how to restrain themselves!?!?

  4. I find it amusing that the commenters expressing that this news should not have been disseminated to the unthinking maternal public are male. There *are* responsible women who enjoy a glass of vino with a meal now and then who conscientiously will not overindulge while pregnant; to assume that the "average" expectant mother will take this news straight to the bar and pound back a dangerous amount of alcohol is rather insulting.

  5. Thank you and very well said Jennifer!!!