Like father, like brother, like son


Most parents teach their children to pursue peaceful resolutions when they find themselves in a heated argument. Patrick Roy’s philosophy is a little different. He apparently taught his sons that if anybody pisses you off, kick the hell out of them. His eldest son, Jonathan Roy, was suspended last year for seven games after attacking an opposing goalie in a QMJHL game. (To see Jonathan’s attack, check below). He also used the occasional to flip the bird to those who apparently disapproved of his actions. Now his other son, Frederick, has been suspended 15 games for a vicious high-sticking incident during another Quebec major junior hockey game. (To see the unbelievable cheap shot, check below). I wonder where they learned how to fight? (For fighting lessons from papa, check below).

Frederick Roy (Nov. 21, 2008)

Jonathan Roy (March 21, 2008)

Patrick Roy (April 1, 1998)


Like father, like brother, like son

  1. I used to respect Saint Patrick when he played for Montreal but after he walked off and told the owner and the coach to go eat Poutine that was it for me.

  2. I’m going to go ahead and assume the Satellite Hot Stove gang, intrepid journalists that they are, discussed this incident on Saturday night in-depth, and that I just missed it. It’s odd, though. I could swear I watched the whole thing…

  3. Classy family. Patrick was a great goalie but he has a long way to go before he’s a role model (or half-decent father judging from his son’s behaviour).

    God help the Habs if they are ever crazy enough to consider hiring Roy as a coach. Carbonneau and Gainey, like Roy, were great players but they are also a lot easier to respect.

  4. The Hotstove panel somehow missed this beauty. You might have been drunk by that point during the game, Chris.

  5. I agree the Roy family does get a little carried away at times, but you have to realize because they are high profile the media is all over things like this. What you don’t see is that this kind of stuff is not isolated to just the Roy’s, there are much dirtier players in the CHL but they don’t have a high profile last name so you never hear anything about them. I’m not letting the Roy’s off the hook because they do need to chill out, but they’ve unfairly become the poster boys of what’s wrong with hockey.

  6. I agree bk, i dont think the Roy boys get a fair shake. name has much to do with it. will they ever be in the nhl, no. so who cares, there is many dirtier in in leagues all across this land. So in conclusion, farts are yummy.

  7. this is really unffair, people are just jealous of what the man achived. why cant people just recognise his achivments instead of just talking about the negative stuff. You wondered where they learned how to fight?…..any of them would kill you in a second, nice article….noottt!!!

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