Lillooet, B.C. to ban “unauthorized meetings” -

Lillooet, B.C. to ban “unauthorized meetings”

Mayor says new law will reduce vandalism


A councilor in Lillooet, BC, population 2,300, has introduced a bylaw that would ban unauthorized performances, marches, meetings and formal gatherings in public places without permits. The town’s mayor, Dennis Bontron, says the law would prevent vandalism committed by groups overnight. At least one resident says the law would infringe on his constitutional right to freedom of assembly. “We meet on the street and talk,” Ernie Anderson told CBC News. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association says the law is unlikely to be approved because of the likelihood it would be knocked down in a court challenge.

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Lillooet, B.C. to ban “unauthorized meetings”

  1. I can't wait for Ezra Levant to be up in arms about this. Of course he probably won't be. People's freedom of assembly isn't as important as his right to reprint cartoons in the Western Standard.

    • SSSsssssttrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttccchhhhhh….

  2. Population 2,300, eh? Surely we can invite a bunch of freedom-loving citizens to gather, a dozen at a time, on particular street corners in Lillooet to have a chat about nothing in particular. Because, Mayor Bontron, have a look at the flagpole in front of your city hall. THIS IS CANADA, ferchrissakes…

    • Isn't he to be commended for getting out in front of the Conservatives' parade against unreported organized crime?

      Wait – are parades allowed anymore in Lillooet?

      • Parades on a street have, I believe, required a permit in most places for quite awhile.

  3. I for one want to commend the Lillooet council. For too long, Canadians have been forced to get their ridicule material from the US often the southern states at that. Not only does importing materials for ridicule increase CO2 emissions unnecessarily, some International Relations professors in an obscure irrelevent poll indicated they believed that it pisses off members of the US Senate.

    Lillioet: It'snow on my map. (well it will be once I find my map)

    (special thanks to madeyoulook for the linguistic innovation)

  4. Is this China decades ago?

  5. Wow, can you feel the hate?

    The bylaw is to ban "formal gatherings in public places without permit". To me that seems like a circular defination. If you need a permit, it is a formal gathering. If you don't need a permit, it is an informal gathering. Informal gatherings can be curtailed by curfews or youth restriction laws ('No more than 1 teen in the shop at once').

    Seriously though, how is this going to stop vandalism at night? That couple arguing on Main Street going to get a permit for a public display of anger? Maybe they just need to spring for a CCTV between everyone in the town.

    The high-rolling crime wave of Lillooet:

    • don't people do vandalism by themselves? taggers most likely work alone

  6. Bylaw 343 is not about vandalism in this small community. The police can and should be taking care of that. It is about freedom of speech, and squashing people whom speak out about our Arsenic wells, our poor infrastructure, no fire safety, dying lawns and gardens, because the powers to be shut down our creek water for a lame excuse of turbidity. Turbidity was never a issue before and is not now. We are existing on Arsenic wells, simple because some of us spoke out about health issues, fire safety issues and many other issues that affect this community.

    • nothing to do with free speech Kate.As usual, you are off on a tangent

      • no, she's not" on a tangent". this bylaw was introduced by the CAO precisely BECAUSE people were speaking out against HIS wishes, one of which is his insistence on abandoning our beautiful surface (creek) water [see Lillooet's Strategic Plan 2007-2017] and force-feeding our people arsenic-laced well water. He (the CAO) has an agenda, and it is not the Health and Welfare of the people of this community.

  7. Lillooet is run by a moron. Grant Loyer who has ruined every municipality he has worked for should understand that if he wants to stop vandalism he should encourage a neighborhood watch, install lighting in those public areas and increase policing. The programs have suffered at the REC Centre in the past 3 years so more people are out and about.