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1. Another interview from the Daily Beast with Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner

2. Is the “conscious coma” story bogus?

3. Monkey Uprising: South Africa edition (Thanks Simon)

4. Blame Canada: Times of London columnist looks across the pond and sees a domestic constitutional crisis.

5. Bishop Allen has a new album coming out. I saw their show in Brooklyn saturday night; about half the show was new material and it all sounded great. Here are some pics:



  1. Not directed at you in particular Potter but I have been wondering why Macleans has imposed omerta on the global warming email scandal that is brewing. Don't think it has even been mentioned in Need to Know, never mind anywhere else.

    I fail to understand how scientists potentially gaming their models to get predictions they want in order to influence public policy is not something of interest to Canadians.

    Just finished reading your humans and nostalgia article, Potter. Interesting read. There is obviously something in humans that make us pine for times past that never existed in the first place. I am as irascible as the next person about 'kids these days' and the like but I am also fully aware that I have zero desire to return to how times were (pre-WW II seems to be my cutoff).

    • I’ve been planning to write on this for the past few days, but trying to find the time to actually read the emails first. Should have something up tonight.

      • I look forward to it.

      • It would be of interest to know your position on the issue of global warming before you read the e-mails.

          • Good answer.

          • To better understand your starting and finishing position – a measure of how much weight you place on them. Other writers (Gunther, Peter Foster) seem to place a great deal on them – but I figured out as much knowing their previous positions. Same with those that claim they are insignificant who have an opposing bias (pro AGW).

            Seems reasonable.

  2. FYI

    Monbiot has a scathing indictment on the fraud.

    "Old media" is already too late. It's gone viral, the world now knows, and the major dailies, and the networks, simply declined to give, what many are calling the greatest scandal of the century,

    any coverage at all.

    Imagine that, perhaps the greatest scandal in memory, and many outlets gave it ZERO coverage.

    Which leads us to the second greatest scandal of century.

    • Yes, I’ve read Monbiot thanks. Not sure what outlets you are referring to that have ignored the story. It was A1 in NYTimes the day it became news. And the Wall Street Journal has been all over it from day 1. The Globe and Mail reprinted the NYT story the same day.

      • A single brief mention (in a couple of places) and then quickly moving on (nothing on the networks, most dailys, here).

        It is earth shattering news.

        What's remarkable is how the readership is crying out for it (literally) in the comments sections of these various places and there's nothing.

        You may want to peruse some of the web sources, because a major part of this story going around the web, is how media is refusing to give it much if any coverage.

  3. What's amazing is how typical the comments sections are of many dailies.

    A recent AGW "finding" came out, and commenters around the world wrote scathing critiques of the press' refusal to even acknowlege this.

    A brazen example of contempt for readers' intellegence.

    This scandal will be studied years from now, as being the apex of media's fall: symptomatic of the power of ideological groupthink and lack of diversity causing myopic partisan "news coverage".

    All done in plain sight with the ignored story for all to see, and for all to see it be ignored in such an aggregious manner.

    • I'm going to stay neutral on the whole hacked email story and its implications. However, I think you're over stating its relevance for media. It isn't like it is a secret that media outlets have their favoured ideological leanings, and that journalists are part of the spin of ideological struggle. This story is like any other scandal. Certain news sources will trumpet it, other news sources will seek to downplay or ignore it.

    • Would you mind lathering it on a bit thicker?

      • I think it's supposed to be a Road to Damascus moment.

        To me it more resembles the Beirut – Damascus Highway circa 1980's.

  4. Not bad photos of the concert though, right?

    • They have a certain sepia graininess that says something – not sure what.

      • It says "cell phone camera in the dark from 50 feet out"

        • Close ups of hors d'oeuvres at the end seems to work for others…

    • Actually, good of you to share them.