Lisa Raitt’s martini party

Photos from happier days: Raitt, MacDonnell have a casual gals’ night


Natural Resources minister Lisa Raitt had over a dozen female Tory staffers to her place for a casual night of comfy clothes (Raitt said they should all come in hoodies), pizza and martinis.


Raitt with Jasmine MacDonnell (right), her director of communications.

The candies used to make martinis.



The gang with pizza.



Lisa Raitt’s martini party

  1. Nothing says casual like having a Macleans photog. on hand…

  2. And they let you in, because that’s just a casual Tory night?
    B,etch, please…
    (who saw SNL last night?)

  3. It’s a crime what they’re doing to a fine drink.

  4. Hmmmm…..when ladies have a ladies night drinking – tell alls tend to happen – fly on the wall would be interesting.

  5. Skittles on the rim! Brilliant!!

  6. Ah, what happier times…

  7. Firing that cute young communications director. What a way to show loyalty to staff.

    • well dont forget how this cute young aide has goofed big time, TWICE:…………'misplacing' classified/sensitive doc's and being responsibel for Raiit being caught on tape saying how radiation and cancer are sexy politics….for which she subsequently just apologized….

  8. Insipid meets vacuous. Tories really know how to do it up.

  9. "Speak directly into the martini, Minister."

  10. Wow this Jasmine is just aching to be a poltical story sooner or later. I can't wait – daughter of Iggy's fundraiser, purveyor of secret information, attempted bribing of reporter to sit on story and inadvertent recorder of controversy – come on folks at macleans surely there is a much larger story here just aching for the telling isn't there?

    • Well, it just goes to show exactly how the world, or at Canada, works. Party trapping are only window dressing in this case of cross party nepatism. Cronies hirering cronies. Useless sons and daughters will always be found a six figure position somewhere. You usually don't hear about it because they are most often buried in the beauacracy somewhere, pushing paper and maxing out a pension. In this case a mistake was made in that they asked this dud to keep track of a binder and a tape recorder and she #$@* that up. As the old saying ,it ain't who ya know, it's who ya… Have a nice fricken day.

  11. she is like most of the ministers in harperville…inept,callous,insufferable,and not likely to withstand intense scrutiny to last after speaking their minds. remember harper was a reformist-canada's answer to the ignorant south. he will self destruct eventually. he can't seem to go a week without his foot entering his mouth. it's always easier to remember the truth than a lie. try it tories.

  12. Back in the sixties(in London,UK) a colourful bowl like that would have been bennies, jets and purple hearts.Times have changed.

  13. Hoodies? Doesn't she know that Harper thinks kids in hoodies are criminals?

    • But, they are, aren't they?

  14. Gee in this brave new world is there ever a guy's night with her highness or is this an "old girl's club". Must be a treat to be male, marginalized and having to put up with these blow dried air heads who can't seem to keep tract of binders and tape recorders and constantly have there Manolo's or what ever the hell their called, firmly planted in their mouths. Cheers.

  15. Those chicks that work for her are hot…..

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