Live from New York… George Galloway (again)


British MP George Galloway spoke live via the Internet from New York  to an Ottawa audience, wrapping up his virtual Canadian speaking tour. He was not permitted into Canada because of his “material support” of Hamas, which is on Canada’s list of terrorist organizations.


Monira Kayhan (left), a member of the Canadian Lebanese Forum for Dialogue, and Dianna Ralph, coordinator of Independent Jewish Voices.


Ralph (right) spoke on stage before Galloway went live. She was joined by Samah Sabawi (centre), a Gaza born Palestinian-Canadian writer, and Wakil Zazai, former president of the Ottawa  Afghan Association.


Dylan Penner of the Ottawa Peace Assembly, the group that helped put on the Galloway talk.


A member from the Communist Party of Canada handed out literature.


Immigration minister Jason Kenney did not grant Galloway an exemption to enter Canada. The minister was not that popular at this event.


Tables were filled with books, literature and keffiyehs made in Yemen. 










Live from New York… George Galloway (again)

  1. Why is it that Palestine is only the part of the British Mandate where Jews live and not where Arabs live?
    Why is it that in 1964 Yassir Arafat did not consider the West Bank ,Gaza as being occupied or part of Palestine but in 1968 he included Gaza and West Bank?

    The answer is that this is not about Palestinian territory , it is about the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Middle East,.

    Take a look at the map of Palestine pre 1948 and you will see how the smallest part of Palestine is where “Palestinians” have made their claim and it coincidentally is where Jews live and where Jewish history that predates Islam and Palestinians, could not be more obvious.