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“Live! With Regis & Kelly” from PEI

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa have arrived on the island to film their morning show


Regis Philbin and his “Live! With Regis & Kelly” co-host Kelly Ripa have arrived in Prince Edward Island to begin filming their daytime talk-show. The show, which will broadcast from PEI July 12 to 15, will show off the island’s scenery and culture. P.E.I.’s tourism office pitched the idea of hosting the show in the hopes that “Live! With Regis & Kelly” will bring attention and more visitors to the island. “We really felt that what we had to offer was a secret location people did not know much about,” said spokesperson Brenda Gallant. But bringing the show to P.E.I. cost the taxpayers $1 million, amounting to a fifth of the province’s yearly tourism advertising budget.

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“Live! With Regis & Kelly” from PEI

  1. I'm so sorry for you folks…

  2. Wait for all the commie, Muslim loving American haters to get on here now.

  3. Believe it or not this isn't the wasteful spending Islanders refer to when discussing the Robert Ghiz government.

  4. Smart marketing By PEI. Unlike the rest of Canada they have become proactive in marketing themselves to our largest, nearest tourist market. The days of opening up musty cottages and waiting for the Americans to just show up is so over. Other provinces like Ontario have been running the same stale ad for fricken "Marine Land" that looks like something out of the '50's. Oh and BTY, PEI had Taylor Swift and Keith Urban at Cavindish Beach on the weekend. Last year it was Aerosmith and the Blackeyed Peas among others. Truth is, regardless of what government burocrats say, tourism has gone off a cliff in this country the last decade. It's too important to the Island to just let it die on the vine. The rest of Canada could learn a lot from this.

    • well said.

    • Gotta agree with you. Sure there's a bit of risk but if you don't think outside the box you'll not tap into new markets and travellers looking for what the Island has to offer but don't know how to find us. As great as PEI is, you're kidding yourself if you think everyone knows we're here and what we're all about. And besides the budget for advertising is going to be spent regardless. Yes, some of it could be directed to other areas of need, but you have to realize without spending some money to advertise your product , your business is going to suffer. When that happens there's less money coming into government coffers from taxes on food, accommodations, gas, etc.; money needed to support other government supported services like health and education.

  5. Advertising, " AKA marketing", may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.
    Stephen Leacock

  6. I was there for the Tuesday July morning Live with Regis and Kelly in Charlottetown. A class act. Great job Regis, Kelly and all of PEI. Money can't buy exposure like that- forget about a measly 1mil. To have such top notch respected individuals relaying to millions of people the truly beautiful place that is PEI, is I think a big honor to boot! As a displaced Torontonian, I can see the value of finding a place away from all the nutty fast paced city life- and all the great Maritime culture that comes with it!

  7. I have been to many places but after seeing this beautiful piece of Heaven I can truly say it is a precious gem the people are very very friendly and the beauty of this treasured Island is breathtaking… I hope someday I can live here forever.. Kelly described it as looking like Hawaii I agree the food is amazing they sure know how to entertain and cook on this Island it is a must to see…

  8. Best promo ever! Praise and kudos from Reege and Kelly heard in every major market for 4 hours. How much is that worth?

  9. I just love these two wonderful people great job PEI,you should be proud,Wish N.S.could have had that insight.

  10. The Ghiz government have mastered the art of tourism marketing. This is only the beginning. Congratulations to the Ghiz government of PEI .JWC