Liverpool goalie Pepe Reina shows team he can be racist, too -

Liverpool goalie Pepe Reina shows team he can be racist, too


Just fresh off the Luis Suárez/Patrice Evra affair, Liverpool team officials are having to explain the racist actions of another of its players.

In this racist ad for an insurance company, Liverpool goalie Pepe Reina, who also plays for Spain’s national soccer team, is seen entering a village populated by black tribesmen. Upon hearing his last name, which means “Queen” in Spanish, the “chief” decides to take him on as a wife, saying, “me king, you queen.” Liverpool officials say they had no knowledge of the ad because it was made in Spain, for a Spanish company.

In any event, this is as bad as Russel Brand’s “African child“—and that was a parody.

British-based anti-racism group Operation Black Vote demanded the ad be pulled. The group’s director, Simon Woolley, told The Week:

“I’m shocked on so many levels. Firstly, how would the Spanish feel if the English stereotyped Spanish people as backward, stupid and animalistic homosexuals?

“Secondly, what does this say about Pepe Reina? The Liverpool goalkeeper has lived and worked in the UK for nearly a decade – does he think it’s OK to characterise black people this way? Does he think his black team-mates will laugh at his joke?”

Groupama, the insurance company behind the ad, pulled it out yesterday following the outrage. But no apology was offered. In fact, a spokesman for the company declared: “We consider there is no offensive content [in this ad]. It has a line of humour used in other ad campaigns, including with other goalies like [Iker] Casillas.” (See quote in Spanish here).

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Liverpool goalie Pepe Reina shows team he can be racist, too

  1. what is the world coming to nobody has died through this if anything it is homophobic not racist if it were two white men in the ad a black person would not be bothered in the slightist all this racism stuff whats goin in is rediculous the people bringing it all up obviously need to grow up and get a life FACT.

  2. What a joke.  The only reason the actor/goalkeeper is portrayed as the guilty party, as if he wrote and produced the commercial, is because he plays for Liverpool.   And please read the FA report as it’s quite clear that the FA and Evra do not think Suarez is racist.  In fact Evra got away with starting the argument with racist rants toward South Americans.  All Suarez did was reply in Spanish as thats the language Evra was speaking to him.   I normally respect MacLeans, but if you are jumping on the hate train with the UK media, you are no better than the next tabloid.  I really wish this case went to a court of law and not the kangaroo court which the FA provided. 

  3. That would be the OBV that happily makes a statement like this:
    “All very funny if you live in the dark ages and you have no idea or don’t care just how offensive this is. But I’m afraid that’s Spain and much of Latin America too.”
    Yes, that’s right, if you are a Latin American, you are probably an ignorant savage who lives in the dark ages – whether you are of African, European, or First Nations descent, or any mix thereof….

  4. No mention of the fact that he is introduced in the advert as ‘Blanco Pepe Reina’ !

  5. Making this racist is basically ignorance – There was a time when thats how things were just because pepe reinacts it in a advert doesnt make him racist , if it was any other random joe this witchhunt wouldnt be happening 

  6. These “black” activists are starting to make fools of themselves.
    I’m all for anti-racism – not for idiot rants and hyper sensitivity like this.

  7. It’s a disgrace to label a person as racist because of this. Shame on you.

  8. i’m black and i do not find this racist if anyone’s in the wrong it’s OBV whom have shown some homophobia in these comments and plus acted irrationality in this situation and I believe if anything they owe Pepe an apology, because they have unnecessarily damaged his image by labeling him a racist.

  9. Simon Wooley acts like a mad dictator. He is obviously an egotistical power freak who thinks he can bully individuals and organisations through their fear of being accused of racism.

    It has become ridiculous in England. How can Operation Black Vote be taken seriously with comments like this. He has insulted homosexuals and indigenous African tribes with his prejudiced comments.

  10. If Simon Wooley was to visit the hundreds of African tribes in
    existence today, like the Zulus. Would he have the balls to call them backward, animalistic,
    homosexuals to their face? He would get a spear thrown at him.

  11. Sorry, he’s from Barcelona. 

  12. Simon Woolley, homophobic ???

    For the director of Operation Black Vote (OVB) to be underdeveloped or homosexual is an insult???
    When you point a finger at someone, take a look at your hand because there are three fingers pointing back at you !!!

    See the speck in your neighbor’s eye and not the beam in their own.
    “Firstly, how would the Spanish feel if the English stereotyped Spanish people as backward, stupid, and animalistic homosexuals?”

  13. I’d like to ask Mr Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote why he has never spoke out about Patrice Evra in the following video:

    where he calls Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink & Frank Lampard “Mother F..ucking N..iggers” in a London Hotel on British Soil? and not on a TV Channel in a different Country! This is not a construed interpretation like he has done about Pepe Reina’s advert that he trawled Spanish TV looking for! this was blatant disgusting racist comments readily reported about in the British Press and conveniently popped up AFTER The English FA had found Luis Suarez “probably guilty”!

    CARE TO CAST YOUR VIEW SIMON? maybe you can nudge The English FA to do something about it? or maybe get your buddy Lord Ouseley to spout out how Patrice Evra needs to be severely punished?